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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY- Kabi Organics Bioactive Face Mask

By Palka Chopra @arrayofthoughts
REVIEW & GIVEAWAY- Kabi Organics Bioactive Face Mask

You all have been reading quite a lot about natural stuff on the blog lately, and today is no exception. In the grey skies as i write, i am completely engulfed with nature and so is the product that i am talking about today. It is the very natural KABI ORGANIC's Bioactive Face Mask. And believe me, you cannot get more natural than this.

Before i start talking about the product itself, you all need to know a bit more about KABI ORGANICS if you do not already. Kabi Organics was created some four years ago but the research in their products started decades ago. They bring to us the long engulfed secrets of good skin in their products which are made from the healing abilities of 7500 years old untouched and unique peat. They use the best quality peat available in the world, untouched by man kind and which is extremely rich in huminous and fulvous acid. The products are 100% natural, chemical free and are thoroughly tested over the past ten years. Kabi Organics has its laboratories based in Estonia and Finland and the products are totally hand made in Finland.

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY- Kabi Organics Bioactive Face Mask

Peat is not to be confused with mud or clay as it lies some 20 meters inside the ground. Peat is essentially formed by the process of biochemical disintegration of plant residue. And is only found in a couple of northern most countries like Canada, Finland etc. This natural mix is supposedly very rich in its healing powers and contains antiseptic and moisturising ingredients. Peat products are especially good for those who suffer from stress, insomnia as it helps in relaxation!!

Estonian Peat is not available to everyone and is incredibly rare and Kabi is one of the first ones to be given this government license to dig it up and it now creates these limited edition tubs of high performance skin care that most of the northern european women have been secretly using for decades. (source:

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY- Kabi Organics Bioactive Face Mask

The product comes in a very organic kind of packaging and the moment you see it, you can feel all the natural-ness even in its box. Once you open the box, you see some dark pulp, literally!! Very different from other masks, this one is black in colour and very thick and almost sticky in consistency (better to put on using a spatula). I have a very oily and acne prone skin and I applied the product for about 10 minutes and it gave some tingling sensation. Once rinsed off, i could feel my skin completely rejuvenated with the natural product's care abilities. Kabi also suggests that the mask keeps on detoxing your skin even after it is off, so the work continues even after it's rinsed off! The mask is to be used for about three times every week to show its results, so believe me i am on it!!

Kabi Organics signature peat face masks are to die for and i don't know how I was surviving before this one!! You can order and research about their products right here!

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY- Kabi Organics Bioactive Face Mask

For my reader's Christmas surely has come early, as Krabi is sponsoring a giveaway of the same product i mentioned on the blog today. To enter into the giveaway just answer this small question below in the comments section:

1.Where are KABI ORGANIC's products made (hint: You'll find the answer in this blog post itself 😉 )

And you are done!!!!

(Note: you have to use same name and email in the comment box to answer our question)

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