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Review: Denman Hair Brushes

By Beauteandtheblog
Hello everyone!
Today I have a review for you of several different hair brushes by Denman Brushes. When it comes to styling my hair with hairbrushes, I am an absolute amateur. I always marvel in amazement at the ladies who can juggle a round brush in one hand, a hair dryer in another, and somehow end up with a celebrity-worthy blowout. But, after trying out these Denman brushes, seriously, I've had a hairstyling epiphany! I think I've finally mastered some serious hairstyling.
Let's get to the review!
Brush Number One: D200 FreeFlow Vent
Review: Denman Hair Brushes
This little brush is so nifty for blowdrying your hair straight. Even though my hair is pretty naturally straight, I sleep with my hair in a wet bun, and when I wake up, my hair is sometimes a little crazy. I run this brush through it a couple times along with a hairdryer, and voila! My hair's back to being as straight as straight can be, and even better, it's completely dry. Since the back of the brush has little open vents, it really speeds up the blowdrying process. 
Brush Number Two: D83 Paddle Brush
Review: Denman Hair Brushes
This brush is a pretty generic paddle brush, but it's a great one at that! I like to use it just to brush my hair throughout the day or to brush out curls for a more relaxed look. The pins aren't pokey and the brush itself is quite light, so it's very comfortable to use. 
Brush Number Three: D3 Classic Styling Brush
Review: Denman Hair Brushes
I think this brush is the most versatile out of the set, but at the same time, it's probably one of the brushes I use the least. It can be used for any sort of styling, or simply for combing through hair, and since it didn't really serve any specific purpose, I wasn't exactly sure what to use it with. Occasionally I would use this brush to tease my roots since the pins are quite dense, but otherwise, I didn't find myself picking this one up as much. I'd say if you have a decent set of brushes, this one might not be crucial in the collection. But if you're looking for a great all around styling brush, this one's a great one!
Brush Number Four: D75 Thermoceramic Hotcurl
Review: Denman Hair Brushes
Here's where the styling got tricky. I cringe every time I see a round brush because I have seen my fair share of blowdrying mishaps while attempting to use one. (ie, getting it stuck in my hair, frizz everywhere, etc. Yeah, not pleasant.) However, I was so pleasantly surprised using this one! The brush itself glided easily through my hair, and I think that has to do with the plastic pins that aren't pokey at all. The open vents throughout the brush allowed for super quick drying, and the brush itself is a great size. It was easy to maneuver, even with holding a blow dryer in the other hand! I ended up with such a pretty blowout with lots of volume and zero frizz, and I'm so satisfied. This one's probably one of my favorites!
Brush Number Five: DHH3 Head Hugger
Review: Denman Hair Brushes
Speaking of favorites, this one's probably right up there with the Hotcurl brush. The difference between the Head Hugger and the Hotcurl is the shape - the Head Hugger has an hourglass shaped barrel. And because of the shape, I love love love this brush for adding volume to my roots. The unique shape really allows the brush to "hug" the contour of your head for lots of volume! Again, the pins aren't pokey and the open vents dry your hair super quickly. No complaints here! :)
Brush Number Six: D31 FreeFlow Volumizing
Review: Denman Hair Brushes
This brush looks very similar to the D3 Styling Brush, but the pins are more sparse. Though I didn't find too many uses for this brush, it was great for detangling! My hair gets tangled so so easily, and this brush really helped to untangle without ripping out my hair. I don't think it's essential in everybody's collection, but it's definitely useful to have, especially if you have issues with tangly hair.
That about wraps it up! Let me know what your favorite brushes are, or if you've tried any other from Denman! 
For those of you that are interested in checking out these brushes, head on over to Denman Brush US.
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