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REVIEW │ Clarins Deo Roll-on

By Fleurissante

clarins deodorant

Had someone told me that I’d be paying over $30 for a deodorant, I’d have told him to get his head examined. Today I think I need my head examined for buying it, but I do not regret a single cent.

Clarins Deo Roll-On is the most expensive deodorant I’ve tried. Even though I heard numerous raves about it, I was slightly skeptical because spray is my preferred type of a deodorant. A year ago I had some extra money burning in my pocket and no deodorant, so buying Clarins was a natural order of things.

Before I go deeper into the review, I need to add that I do not sweat a lot. There will be a bit of sweat on a super hot day but, unless I‘m doing some serious workout, I stay dry. Another thing is that I regard perspiration as a body’s natural air-conditioning system, so a bit of wetness doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is a not so pleasant scent which develops when you are sweating (especially when you wear polyester clothes –finding nice, reasonably priced cotton has become mission impossible nowadays). Therefore, what I really want from a deodorant is to neutralize the scent and Clarins really excels in this case.

Deo Roll-On is a whiteish runny cream/lotion. You only need a small amount and it absorbs quickly. I’m happy to report that, if left for about half a minute to dry, it doesn’t leave white marks on dark clothes.

It has a really mild, clean pleasant scent which doesn’t interferre with your fragrance. There’s nothing worse than a deodorant ruining your perfume. This deodorant is also alcohol free, so it won’t be irritating to your skin, not even if you use it immediately after shaving.

As for its effectiveness, it is absolutely amazing and everything I ever wanted in a deodorant. It won’t completely stop you from sweating, but there will definitely be less scent. Another, major plus, is that it is excellent in neutralizing unpleasant scent which normally develops after you have sweat a lot. I did a comparison test during one of my runs and the armpit in which I’ve used Clarins was significantly drier and there was no bad odour – only a mild scent of the deodorant.

A little goes a long way – I’ve been using it for a year (though not every day) and I’ve barely spent half of it.

The price point might be a deal breaker for many, but to me the deodorant is well worth it. It is definitely something I’ll continue to repurchase, as long as they don’t reformulate it.

xoxo Tamara

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