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Review: 3W Clinic Fresh Mask Sheets

By Herugliness
Hello! ~ Cosmetic Love is currently doing a sales promotion of a 10 sheet masks set. They kindly sent me 5 of these masks for review purpose, so here I am reviewing 5 3W Clinic Fresh Mask Sheets. Lately Cosmetic-Love seems all about bringing in some new Korean cosmetic brands, because 3W Clinic is another one of the brands I have never heard of before.
3W Clinic Fresh Mask Sheets ReviewEach 3W Clinic Fresh Mask Sheet is a thick cotton sheet cut like the structure of a face, which is soaked in 23ml of essence with various ingredients. You put the mask on your face, leave it on for approximately 20-30 minutes, remove it and tap the remains into your skin
3W Clinic Fresh Mask Sheets Review
So far all sheet masks I have tried were very ill-fitting and clearly designed for an Asian face structure with a smaller and shorter nose and not for a face as long as mine. To my surprise the 3W Clinic Fresh Mask Sheet are cut very differently. They still do not fit my face at all, but mostly because they are too long and the only way to avoid that the hole for the lips is right in the middle of my chin is to make folds into the mask. The holes that are cut out for the eyes and the mouth are very tiny in 4 of the 5 masks I got. I guess this too was designed to fit Asian eyes better, though I am not sure about the mouth. All of this would not be a big problem. After all everyone's face is different, so these masks cannot fit perfectly well, but what really surprised me was how close to each other the holes for the eyes were. It is sheer impossible to adjust the mask to my eyes and I don't really think my eyes are further apart than the average person's eyes.
3W Clinic Fresh Mask Sheets Review
All of the masks have the exact same ingredient list, expect for the ingredient which gives the mask its name. They are: Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Alcohol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Polysorbarte 60,Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, SOrbitan Sesquioleate, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Allatoin, Disodium EDTA, Perfume. The perfume is also a different one for each mask.
3W Clinic Fresh Cucumber Mask Sheet
Review: 3W Clinic Fresh Mask Sheets This mask contains cucumber extract and has a very strong and fresh scent to it. Even though it smells exactly like cucumber, the scent is probably artificial, because the mask also contains perfume. It is supposed to have a hydrating effect that will leave dry and tired skin looking smooth and moisturized. It is also supposed to have cleaning and astringent effects, meaning they can remove grease and oil from your skin. 
Putting this on made my skin feel cool and very refreshed instantly. However, because the mask was so ill-fitting around the eyes I started to get essence into my eyes and my eyes started to sting. It wasn't too bad though and went away after a short while, so I was able to pull through 30 minutes with the mask on my face. At first I thought the unpleasant feeling in my eyes came from the alcohol, but this was the only mask that had this effect on me, so maybe it was the kind of perfume that was causing it, because the cucumber mask also seems to have the strongest scent of them all.
After removing the mask my skin continued to have that fresh and tingling feeling for a while, even though I did not tap in the remains of the essence like suggested, but washed it off. 

3W Clinic Fresh Red Ginseng Mask Sheet
3W Clinic Fresh Red Ginseng Mask Sheets Review
The 3W Clinic Fresh Red Ginseng Mask Sheet contains red ginseng extract and a "variety of aesthetic ingredients", according to the description. I am honestly not sure what these ingredients are supposed to be, because, expect for the ginseng extract, the ingredient list is identical with the one of the cucumber mask. The mask is supposed to improve skin elasticity and leave your skin smooth and vibrant.
Ginseng is said to be a very healthy ingredient for your skin, improving circulation and serving as antioxidant and stimulant. It is especially suitable for aging and dull skin.
Just like the cucumber mask it has a strong scent to it, which probably is the one of ginseng, though I have to admit that I do not know how ginseng smells and therefore cannot say whether it is indeed ginseng or something else.
Putting on the mask gave me the same fresh feeling as the cucumber mask. I don't really have a big problem with aging skin or a dull complexion, so I cannot say much about the efficiency of the mask, but the feeling was nice for sure.
3W Clinic Fresh Potato Mask Sheet
Review: 3W Clinic Fresh Mask SheetsThis was the one I was the most curious about, because I never heard of potatoes as skin care ingredients before. The mask's packing is slightly different designed than the others and it also includes a Japanese description in addition to the Korean and English one.
Another great difference is that the mask seems to be cut out differently and actually fits my face better. It is still too long so that I get folds everywhere, but the holes for the eyes seem  to be placed better/seem to be wider than on the others so that I did not have any problem with the essence getting into my eyes!
The 3W Clinic Fresh Potato Mask Sheet is supposed to make your skin clean and clear and supply it with moisture without any kind of stickiness. Clean and clear is right up my ally, as I have very problematic skin full of breakouts. The only problem I see here is that the mask's description says not to use this on blemished skin, which does not make much sense. If my skin is clean and clear to begin with I probably would not need such a product. I tried it out nevertheless.
Potatoes contain many vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids, nourish and moisturize your skin, work as an anti-aging treatment, skin lightener and brightener, and an anti-inflammatory to treat stressed-out skin. 
I am not sure what I expected, but this mask does not smell like potatoes at all! It has a faint and pleasant scent, but one I can really relate to any kind of fruit I know.
After I used this my face felt good and refreshed, and despite the warning not to use it on blemished skin there was no kind of bad reaction, no itching, no rash or anything of that sort. My blemished skin reacted to it just fine. I liked this one the most of the masks, because the scent was so decent and most of all because it fitted better. 
3W Clinic Fresh Mask Sheets Review
3W Clinic Fresh Pomegranate Mask Sheet
3W Clinic Fresh Pomegranate Mask Sheet Review
The 3W Clinic Fresh Pomegranate Mask Sheet contains pomegranate extract with a cleaning and astringent effect that leave your skin moisturized and clean. Again, you are not supposed to use this on blemished skin with pimples. I really think products that are supposed to leave your skin clean should be suitable for unclean, but maybe that's just me.
I did not know much about the skin benefits of pomegranate, but apparently it has 3 times as many antioxidants as for example green tea, supports cell-regeneration, anti-aging, sun-protection and somehow even manages to be good for both dry as well as oily skin!
This one had a fruity scent to it and while I have eaten pomegranate before, I have to admit that I do not remember its scent, so I can only assume that the mask sheet has pomegranate scent. Just like with the potato sheet mask I did not get any kind of bad reaction from it, even though my skin is very blemished. It left my skin feeling pleasantly refreshed.
3W Clinic Fresh Royal Jelly Mask Sheet
3W Clinic Fresh Royal Jelly Mask Sheet ReviewThe Clinic Fresh Royal Jelly Mask Sheet contains Royal Jelly Extract and is supposed to improve dry and tired skin, leaving it smooth and vibrant. Royal jelly is a rich source of proteins and essential amino acids, fatty acids and sugars. 
Of all 5 masks I got to try this one, along with the potato one, had the faintest scent of them. It is hardly noticeable when opening the pack containing the sheet and once I put the sheet on my face I did not notice it anymore.
Even though the holes for the eyes were tiny too, I had no stinging feeling in my eyes at all. I had the feeling that from all of the masks, this one was the "mildest" one.
Overall I liked the masks, though I would only purchase the ones with the Japanese description on the back & where the mask's name is written on the bottom and not at the top, because the others were impossible to fit properly around my eyes. If you have a small face, or problems with too big holes for the eyes with other mask sheets, then these might be just the right thing for you. All of them gave my skin a pleasant feeling of freshness and luckily my skin did not react bad to any of them, even though there is alcohol in all of them and my skin is very sensitive. The only one I would not recommend at all was the cucumber one, because it made my eyes sting.
Review: 3W Clinic Fresh Mask Sheets English ingredient lists
Leave skin feeling refreshed 
Pleasant scentsReview: 3W Clinic Fresh Mask SheetsNot supposed to be used on problematic skin
Contain alcohol
Holes for eyes very small and narrow (just the case with some of them!)
Cosmetic-Love is doing a sales promotion of a 10 sheets set here. 

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