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Restaurant Review||Herman Ze German

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

Bratwurst always remind me of Christmas fairs and Winter Wonderland. Why? I haven’t a clue, but it seems to be the only time I feel the need to have a sausage that big in my diet. For anyone giggling at that, your mind is too rude!

I mean, I don’t usually opt for a hotdog of any sort when out for dinner or grabbing a quick meal on the go. There’s just so many options, it’s not something that often crosses my mind. Alex however has a hotdog during almost every trip to the cinema – an empty hotdog grill makes for one huge hotdog shaped hole in his heart and an unhappy boyfriend, as I found out recently when we went to see The Jungle Book.

However my recent trip to Herman Ze German, right next to Charing Cross station, might just have changed my complete outlook on the sausage world. Claiming #OurWurstIsZeBest, I think I might just have to back Herman in his statement😉

Herman Ze German - London Cheap Eats
The branch I went to is pretty tiny, but luckily we managed to get a couple of seats on the one long table which runs the length of the dining space. There are also a couple of window seats which looked pretty cosy, but also great for people watching. If I’m by myself it’s always great to be able to sit and watch the world go by…I’m not nosy I promise.

Absorbing the menu, I will admit that my conscience almost took over with the urge to get a salad, before my brain told me to stop being silly, I had been waiting all week for a treat.

Herman Ze German - London Cheap Eats
Alex and I both went for a currywurst, mine with gherkins and crispy onions, Alex’s with cheese. We both ordered a side of cheesy pommes, also known to us English folk as cheesy fries, as well as some curry tomato sauce. I also popped some crispy onions on mine too – I don’t know what it is about these, I just love them!

Herman Ze German has a fab range of drinks too from quirky and niche brands, including fizzy soft drinks and juices. Alex had two fizzy drinks in total, one melon and one cherry, whilst I had an apple and beetroot juice. They do also have beer for those looking for an alcoholic drink after work.

Herman Ze German - London Cheap Eats
Taking up our spot on the end of the table, we didn’t have to wait long before our order number was called and we had to pop up to the counter to collect our food.

We squirted on the mustard (well not for Alex) and ketchup, and dug in. Obviously after I’d gone through a whole food photoshoot..haha. Alex now sits back and waits as he knows what’s coming. Isn’t he good? 

Herman Ze German - London Cheap Eats
Herman Ze German - London Cheap Eats
Herman Ze German - London Cheap Eats
Herman Ze German - London Cheap Eats
Herman Ze German - London Cheap Eats
Herman Ze German - London Cheap Eats
The currywurst (I’m sure you use the same word for the plural?) had the same texture as a traditional wurst, with a tough skin and tender filling, but tasted incredible. Meaty and juicy with a slight spice, the sausage went down so well. The wurst bun was soft and light, and held more or less most of the sausage, great for also keeping the sauce in. I really enjoyed mine with gherkins and crispy onions, I felt the gherkins added that little green touch, something fresh and juicy – I always have to have to have some sort of vegetables with my meals :P Alex said that the cheese complimented the rich meatiness of the wurst and made for the perfect topping, comparing it to how a burger isn’t the same without cheese either😉

I’m not usually a fan of fries but these, just wow. They were slightly on the salty side, but were just the right level of crisp and yet still soft on the inside. With the melted cheese over the top, this side dish was heavenly! The curry tomato sauce which we ordered for our fries was also really tasty. Rich with a tomato base, the sauce had a slight kick too, and definitely topped having ketchup for dipping.

Herman Ze German - London Cheap Eats
The reason Alex ended up with two fizzy drinks was that he’d soon made his way down his first just after being half way through his meal, it was just so tasty. The fizzy drinks were really refreshing, with a strong fruit taste, and almost a slight sparkling finish. The fruit juice was refreshing, with the apple flavor coming through more than the beetroot, which was a perfect balance. I do love an apple juice, and this is up there with apple and elderflower, another of my favourites.
Herman Ze German - London Cheap Eats
We finished up, satisfied and full. An absolutely delicious way to end the day. I will definitely be heading back. There’s a few other things I desperately want to try, including the chicken schnitzel – yes they do serve other dishes too – and the breakfast options! Perhaps it’ll have to be a Friday morning treat.

With branches in Soho, Charing Cross and Fitzrovia, if you’re in central London, you won’t be far from Herman Ze German and his awesome wurst. You must give it a go.

Have you been to Herman Ze German before? What’s your favorite dish?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to the Charing Cross branch of Herman Ze German to try out the menu and drinks. All views my own. 

Restaurant Review||Herman Ze German

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