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Resolution Update: April 18

By Khourianya @khourianya
Ok - so I'm a day late.  It's been a really busy and distracting week...obviously.
Time to update on my 36 resolutions for the year.  This past month actually felt really productive!  And I am loving all of the red I am seeing in the list now :)
  1. Do something interesting with my hair
  2. Rework my home gym
  3. Tune up my bike
  4. Take the girls to Zoolights
  5. Make amazing halloween costumes
  6. Plan a monthly date night - FAIL!  We didn't head out for a date night this month.  We'll have to try to get a couple in next month.
  7. Volunteer at a race - I put in an application to volunteer for Tour of Alberta Hopefully they have room on the Strathmore-Drumheller leg for me.
  8. Go thrifting once each month - done. I went but didn't have time to spend hunting.   so I didn't have any finds this month.
  9. Learn to knit properly - not knitting as much now that the weather has turned nice but am still puttering.  I think I need to actually make something I can wear next.  My yarn ball winder arrived and that does make me want to wind up my yarn and knit it all up...
  10. Take a shopping trip to the States 
  11. Invest in a perfect party dress (doesn't need to be black)
  12. Get another tattoo
  13. Leave Facebook again
  14. Get an instagram poster printed - DONE! The poster is beautiful!  Took about 2 weeks to arrive and now I just need to find a great frame for it!
  15. Stay at the Banff Springs Hotel  
  16. Go on an amazing hike
  17. Take my kids camping
  18. Re-learn how to draw and paint - Psuedo-done/was never necessary.  Also - I've fallen in love with Zentangle so have been drawing more than ever recently.  I even took a course! and have registered for another course next month!

    Resolution Update: April 18

    From my course day

    1. Create an outdoor reading area - starting to plan
    2. Plant a rose garden - starting to plan
    3. Redecorate the master bedroom and bath - DONE! REALLY made major headway on this this month.  New sheets, bedspread, curtains, shower curtain and towels. It looks like a completely different room now.  I will still be puttering at making it really nice though so while it's done - it's not done  Our room isn't tidy enough for a pic quite yet...but I promise I'll post some as soon as I can.
    4. Train for a specific goal race - The training plan for Calgary 10k is now underway!
    5. Create an indoor reader's sanctuary Create a creative space for myself
    6. Try to have an article published in a magazine
    7. Try standup Paddleboarding
    8. Go snowshoeing with hubby - on hold til Fall.
    9. Go ice skating with my girls
    10. Visit Ontario in the Fall
    11. Self Publish One Book
    12. Run a 2:15 Half
    13. Run a sub-60min 10k - aiming for Calgary Marathon.  Came close last weekend, though, finishing in 1:00:57 on a hilly course.  I think the much flatter Jugo Juice 10k course will have me beat this for sure.
    14. Run a Sub-30min 5k -  Redemption 5k this weekend.  I ran the first 5k of my 10k (last weekend) in's hoping I can beat that this week.
    15. Run a continuous 10k - aiming for Run for Water
    16. Run the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World 
    17. Complete a home yoga stretching challenge - I decided to modify this one.   My goal in May is to incorporate 10 mins of stretching everyday.  I have a ton of 10-15min stretching videos so this should be totally doable and get me in the habit of stretching myself out.
    18. Complete 8 weeks of Rip:60

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