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Remember The Power Suit?

By Classycareergirl @classycareer
I watched the movie Big recently and it made me think of how much women's professional clothing has changed. Remember the Power Suit? Remember The Power Suit? According to the The Classic, "With the 1980s dawning, powerful women were taking the workforce by storm. They were educated, motivated and empowered pioneers.  They were willing and able to balance the roles of wife, mother and member of the workforce.  These women needed their power suits. After all, they were still competing fiercely with the men. They wanted to prove themselves and for the higher-ups to take them seriously." Remember The Power Suit?Remember The Power Suit? Here's to hoping that shoulder pads, Velcro, the three button blazer and pleated trousers never come back (sorry mom).  I am happy that I don't have to imitate men's shoulders to show my power in the office.  Thank you power suits for helping us get our "power" in the workplace!  
Readers, what do you think of these power suits?  Would you wear them?
(Photos by found in mom's basement, Celeste Kaufman)

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