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Relaxation Techniques and Comfortable Nightwear

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

In this fast paced world we all confess to feeling stressed out and tense. Pressures of work, financial strain and 'not enough hours in the day' amongst other factors take a serious toll on our health and wellbeing. It is vital that then we remedy this, being sure to take care of both physical and mental stress. Read on for a few of our handy tips for staying relaxed.

Relax your body

  1. It may sound obvious but being aware of how we breathe is a crucial factor when it comes to stress. The trouble is we all forget to control our breathing. When you start to feel tense slow down your breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth. The best way is to inhale deeply, count to five and then exhale slowly,counting to five. This should be repeated 10 times for a relaxing quick fix.

  2. What we eat also has a big impact on our physical wellbeing. Excessive sugar and caffeine can create a 'rollercoaster' effect with our energy so it is best to stick to fresh fruit and vegetables, low fat protein and unrefined carbs such as brown rice. They all provide a slow release of energy that help to maintain our body evenly throughout the day.

  3. You may not think that building up a sweat is conducive to relaxation but it is scientifically proven that regular exercise reduces stress. It doesn't have to be much, even 30 minutes of light exercise such as swimming, a walk in the park or yoga will work wonders for relieving tension. Exercises such as yoga and pilates are especially good at benefiting the body (and mind) through stretching and peaceful meditation. Idlewild London offer a great selection of loungewear, ideal for practicing yoga and pilates in pure comfort.

    Relaxation techniques and comfortable Nightwear

Relax your mind

  1. Although it is all too easy to become consumed with our own troubles it is important to retrain our minds to think positively. We must take on a 'glass half full' attitude when we are faced with difficult and stressful situations. If you are finding it hard to stay calm, visualize yourself in a calm and relaxed scenario such as lying on a beach or resting at home.

  2. Try to utilise your time at home to your best advantage. When you return from work run yourself a warm bath with lavender or other essential oils. Try changing into comfortable clothing then lie on your bed or sofa and unwind to relaxing music.

  3. Remember that meditation isn't just for 'New Age Hippies'! A simple but effective technique that everyone can manage, you should try to remove all thoughts and emotions from your mind whilst concentrating on your breathing (try the breathing tips mentioned above). Sit in the basic meditation posture with your legs crossed and begin with short sessions of 15 minutes, building up as your meditation abilities improve.

    Relaxation techniques and comfortable Nightwear

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