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Relaxation and Monistat

By Beauteandtheblog
Hahah, yeah I couldn't think of a more interesting title than Relaxation and Monistat. It's been a long day beauties.
Today, I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some bath salts and I walked out with the Monistat Chafing gel as well. It's only two things I figured I would share anyways, because I'm excited about both of them :)
Here's what I got:
Relaxation and Monistat
The first is the Monistat Chafing Relief Gel. Before you all cringe in horror, I'm actually going to be testing it out as a face primer. I heard that it has many of the same ingredients as makeup primers like Smashbox Photofinish, so I'm giving it a try :) The second thing is a box of Vaseline Moisturizing Bath Beads. I wanted to take a relaxing bath tonight, so I figured a half cup of these would do the trick. 
Hope your Saturday was just peachy keen!
Relaxing baths and face primer knockoffs,Belle

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