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Red Pilsner – Red Truck Beer

By Mike @mikescraftbeer

From Red Truck Beer in Vancouver comes their "Red Pilsner". The beer pours an amber colour with an white head. The aroma consists of caramel, grainy malts and some floral hops. The flavour is of caramel, grains, some mild fruity notes with very little bitterness. The alcohol content comes in at 5%. If you are looking for an easy drinking lager with a bit more flavour to it this could be what you are looking for.

Commercial Description: We built this brew by hand with Czech pilsner yeast and a unique combination of black malts, malted wheat, and 100% simcoe hops. The addition of the roasted malts give it a distinctive reddish hue, while the slow process and cold storage temperatures closely resemble the winters this style of beer was originally brewed during.

Red Pilsner – Red Truck Beer

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