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Reasons to Hire a Personal Lawyer

Posted on the 21 December 2012 by Angelicolaw @AngelicoLaw

You may have spent most of your life without needing a lawyer for any reason.  But there are many reasons to use lawyers for guidance, particularly when you are doing business in a foreign jurisdiction such as Brazil.  Prevent yourself from making uninformed decisions.  Making bad decisions can cost you a lot more than a lawyer will, so make sure that you are protected from the onset.

Here are just a few reasons you might want to get advice from a lawyer in Brazil before you move forward.

Reason #1: Buying Property

Buying property can be a rather expensive process and you will want to make sure the contract you sign with the seller and the agreement you make with the bank line up properly.  Since you are making a huge investment, you need to make sure everything is done properly or you might trap yourself into something you cannot easily back out of later.

Reason #2: Divorce

If you and your spouse are ending your marriage, having a lawyer on your side is imperative.  You might be able to settle your case amicably, splitting the assets as fairly as possible.  But you will want a lawyer to represent your best interests no matter how friendly you and your spouse feel that you will be during the process.

Reason #3: Starting a Business

If you have decided to start your own business, you will need a lawyer to draw up contracts and look into other legal details for you.  Contract lawyers have expertise in many different areas and you will need to concentrate on the business aspects of the case while your lawyer deals with the legal issues.

Reason #4: Death of a Loved One

If someone leaves you in charge of their assets, or simply leaves you a great deal of money, you will need a lawyer to help you understand how best to proceed with the process of probate.

You might not think you need a lawyer for every detail of your life, but there are many important items that are best left to someone who knows the law.

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