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"Reasons to Be Cheerful" #1

By Davidduff

It is now obvious that Greenwar Greenpeace is not only incapable of saving the world, it's incapable of saving itself!  Overcome, as I have been, by all this 'global warming' I missed the news that back in 2012/13 some Greenie twit in their finance department at Greenpeace HQ took a hefty e36 million punt on various currency deals which went belly up.  Spiegel has the story which is simply too, too, delicious not to share:

When former Chief Operating Officer Willem van Rijn left the organization in December 2012, his successor didn't arrive until May 2013. It was during this leaderless time that a finance department employee had the grandiose idea to sign massive and unsupported forward contracts with the currency broker Monex Europe. The euro crisis hadn't yet ended and the Greenpeace employee was certain that the value of the euro would drop.

Because Greenpeace International regularly sends large sums of money to fund national bureaus that cannot finance themselves, he bought 14 different currencies last spring, including Russian rubles, Chinese yuan and Thai baht.

So far, the (dis)organisation has lost e3.8 million and, let me remind you, these are the people who think they know how to run the world.  What can one say, except perhaps, E for Effort!

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