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Real Life of a Beauty Blogger

By Pragya

Hi Pouties..

Today’s post is to show you what life of a beauty blogger is… her happiness… her sadness and how it revolves around beauty!!

I am sure all my blogger friends will understand the depth of today’s post

So I present to ULife of a beauty blogger!!

Once upon a lonely time… a girl name PINK POUT was very sad!!! She was all stressed and lonely….1

And then…. there was knock on her door (it was office actually!!)… was happiness packed in a small box :D2

She couldn’t help but stare and stare!!!3

She went back home and played around!! She was like a little girl receiving the latest Barbie in town….4

It was colors al around… the gloominess had far gone and she was murmuring a fresh and happy song….5

The sadness had finally said good bye… this is how she came back to say U guys “HI”

Guys… I had to make it sound a little dramatic if you know what I mean!!! After all it was real techniques haul and also I had to tell you guys how I could finally get back!!

Enjoy….. N yes I bought these very bright eye shadows and a lipstick refill from Inglot.. so yayyet another haul!!!

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