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Reader Mail: Why I Chose Accounting

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul
Reader Mail: Why I Chose Accounting
If there is anything that I love about blogging, it is being able to talk to a lot of people - from fellow bloggers to readers. I love sharing what I know and I love it when I am of help to others. So everytime I receive emails from readers at [email protected], I tend to be very excited and happy.
Today, I will be sharing one special email from a reader who just happened to stumble upon my blog. Here are our exchanges of emails, so far.
Reader Mail: Why I Chose Accounting
Hi Melody,
Wow. Idk how you've stumbled upon my old posts, but thanks for reading them altho they're mostly rants about school and whatnots. ;')
I see that you still don't know which course to take. When I was your age, I did know that I want to be an interior designer. However, I just couldn't see myself studying at UP while my mom work extra harder for my studies and living expenses there. So, I decided to take accountancy in MSU IIT instead - cheaper and of course my mom could stay with me. 
There were a lot of points in my college life that I nearly gave in, simply because accountancy isn't my thing. Well, I thought it could be since I looooove maths. But it turned out that it isn't really maths. It is a course where standards and laws prevail. So, I am warning you that accountancy will be needing a lot of reading and understanding from you. You will be going through a lot of theories. And you have to keep them in mind until the end because later on you will be needing them (unless the standards change, of course). 
Moreover, if you are in accountancy in MSU IIT, you will be bombarded with extra hard minor subjects. Professors tend to look at accountancy students as one of the departments with the cream of the crop. So, they won't go easy on you. I tell you this based on firsthand experiences. 
It will never be an easy feat to graduate accountancy in MSU IIT. But here's the thing, you can never accomplish anything without perseverance, hardwork and commitment. Accountancy is a five-year course. For those who are not yet sure of their careerpath, I highly recommend taking business courses, esp accountancy, since you can delve into your passions later on (making it your business venture). 
What helped me conquer accountancy is the fact that I chose it. I was the one to decide on what course I would be taking instead of interior designing. Nobody pushed me to it. And I have this character that I want to prove to myself that I can make it till the end even if it meant that I would crawl through it. Also, my mother was with me the whole time. Her support was the one that kept me going through college. Eventually, I was still able to get good grades (0.something away to cum laude) even tho I kind of suck at accounting (simply because I have amazing grades on my minor subjects!) lol!
Here's what I can tell you about accounting: I did it. And you can also achieve it if you put yourself into it. I believe that passion is needed to achieve something, but perseverance and hardwork got me through it. And at the end of the day (as in right now), I could not imagine myself taking another course. Really. 
I have learned to love accounting and all the complications that came with it. The question is not whether you can do it or not, it is will you do everything to achieve it?!
I hope you have an amazing years ahead of you in MSU IIT College of Business Administration and Accountancy. Extend my kindest regards and gratitude to the amazing professors. They were some of the reasons why I came to love accountancy and worked hard to be a CPA. I hope that one day, you will send me an email saying that you are already a CPA. I will be more than happy to welcome you to the profession. I'm sorry this took too long. 
God bless! 
PS: I am going to post this in my blog. I hope you don't mind. ;)
Reader Mail: Why I Chose Accounting MY REPLY: 

Hi Melody,
I am so sorry. I haven't replied. A lot of things happened. 
Btw, I went to Mindanao State University - Tawi-Tawi, Preparatory High School. And yes, I work as an accountant/internal auditor for MSU - Tawi-Tawi. 
May impact talaga ung title na CPA since mabilis lang ang growth ng career mo. And CPAs are needed everywhere as long as it involves finances/money/etc. As for frequent travels, you may want to try being an auditor. They travel a lot.
That's it for our little chitchat. If there is anything you want to ask, I'd be happy to accommodate you as long as I can. Just send me an email! :)

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