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Raw Talent: Silver Spoon Brun

Posted on the 09 October 2013 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
Artist: Silver Spoon BrunAlbum: Ladies First
 A Queens native who hails from Baisely projects, let me introduce you to Greg 'Silver Spoon Brun' Bruno aka Young Bruno. Working with the likes of Cory Rooney and Tamar Braxton, Silver Spoon Brun has very much developed lyrically since his debut mix tape entitled Life After Rooney under the name Young Bruno. I have done some extensive research on this artist and I must say, even if he did not have the credentials that makes him amazing apart from his lyrical skills, he would still be an amazing artist in my book. Working with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Christina Milian, SSB has what I crave in my iPod; ACTUAL LYRICS! 
I recently had the pleasure of hearing his album Ladies First courtesy of TEAM BRUNO and AudioMack and I must say that I became an instant fan. The album offers a surprising array of vibes with tracks honing beats that could be considered trap music, some New York styles, and just enough HipHop/R&B collaborations. Ladies First has a lot of tracks that could easily be considered hit singles, which in my book means that the ALBUM is worth buying. I will not buy an album if it only has two singles that I like. My absolute favorite is Too Much For You ft. LaChardon & Nyemiah Supreme, an R&B track that just gives me what I need in the form of clear musical talent and artistry. This album is definitely for 'The Ladies' and those R&B thugs. Do It For You ft. Tamar Braxton produced by Cory Rooney gives me a 'bust it baby' feel from the beginning then falls just a bit short for some reason, it feels like there is just a bit missing from that track, but that's not to say I won't hit the repeat player on the Bose while I'm getting my grown woman on. Another absolute fave of mine is 20 Up, a HipHop/ R&B track filled with metaphors and an up tempo East Coast beat that clearly showcases Bruns lyrical skills. To fill in the blanks and appease my forever enquiring mind, I was blessed with an informal interview with Brun via TEAM BRUNO and I must say its one of my absolute favorite interviews so far: 

> 1. What made you change your name from Young Bruno to Silver Spoon Brun and did it have anything to do with possibly being confused with Bruno Mars? -----
> #SSB yes i def didn't want to get confused wit being bruno mars that was one of the reasons but i actually came up with the name silver spoon brun because i came up a little different from a lot of these other rappers i made a lot of money as a song writer at a young age and from growing up in the projects n having a rich uncle was kinda weird to my peers so a lot of my friends use to say i grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth ...n my last name is Bruno so i just thought silver spoon brun would sound cool .. So i just ran with it
> 2. What made you add Artist to your resume when you clearly have had success as a producer/songwriter?
#SSB well i always wanted to be a artist but i just feel like now is the time to show the world what i really got .. No one wants to play the back round forever .. i'm a handsome dude the world needs to see my face lol

> 3. What label are you signed to (if any or owned label)?
#SSB NO LABEL YET .. I actually started my own label well written music & consulting / wwm&C for short im basically behind my myself.
> 4. Do you see yourself collaborating in the future with those you have written for in the past?
> #SSB

> 5. What do you believe makes you different and sets you a part from other artists?
#SSB ALOT OF THESE ARTIST ARE ALL ABOUT BEING TOUGH GUYS N WANNA TALK ABOUT ALL THE GUNS THEY HAVE AND ALL THE DRUGS THEY SOLD .. Theres no rap artist that ARE cool or who can be a role model to the younger kids as well as the teenagers im just here to bring back that good quality music  ,I want to bring that bad boy type of feel back .. Every rapper aint trapping i kno im not .. Im just smiling an messing wit all the pretty ladies I'm from a really credible place so I don't have to act tuff to gain credibility I'm just giving me .

> 6. Although the album title is pretty much self explanatory, what is the reasoning behind the title Ladies First, how did you come up with the title name?
#SSB it was just me being sarcastic sayin "ladies first" because ive been actually getting catered to by females most of my life so it was just me being a smart ass to the people in queens and the people that kno me .. I never thought the album would get this far to where people i didnt kno would be asking me why did i name it ladies first

> 7. My understanding is that you are the nephew of Producer Cory Rooney. What do you say to people that may not want to give you a chance as an artist and feel any success received is solely based on that understanding?
#SSB i cant pick n choose my family i can only  hope they judge me on my music n my accomplishments .
> 8. When did you first realize that you wanted to work in the music industry? How did your family feel and did they support you?
#SSB WELL ME COMING FROM A MUSICAL BACKROUND EVERYONE WAS VERY SUPPORTIVE ... And i didnt really wanna do music i was always into basketball i just wrote a song playing around oneday to a track that My uncle  actually produced .. Everyone loved the record then next thing u kno tamar braxton  who was signed to "cassablanca" records  which was "tommy motala's" record label at the time . Before I knew it Tamar. recorded the record i wrote .. So thats actually how i became a songwriter ..

> 9. What are you working on as of today? Are there any videos coming in the near future?
> #SSB yes a couple videos  WERE ABOUT TO RE SHOOT THE 20 up video. .. I didnt think the first video was good enough for the world to see me for the first time so i wanted to re shoot so im shooting that in a couple weeks

> 10. Tell the readers something about you that they could not read about in any other publication anywhere.

> One of my earlierst achievements was being the youngest published songwriter in the music industry (Spirit Publishing )penned my first deal for 1/2 a mil at 18...

SSB's WEBPAGE: http://www.silverspoonbrun.com

Raw Talent: Silver Spoon Brun
Raw Talent: Silver Spoon Brun

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