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Raw Talent: Shawn 'Fetti' Shuler

Posted on the 11 October 2013 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
Artist: FettiAlbum: Young Dream Team (Fetti) Quote: "I Don't Dream Of Success, I Work Hard For It" 
Please take a minute to welcome this handsome and talented young brother to the world of HipHop. Lyrically, Fetti has come a very long way and he has found his style. Hailing from Bronx, NY, his metaphors rival those of Jay-Z and he could easily put a lot of male models to shame. Fetti is definitely a breath of fresh air because once again, we all know I am a huge fan of REAL BARS! This young man is financing his career with his own funds (legally) and working extremely hard to make his mark in the industry. As busy as Fetti is these days I had to practically threaten him for an informal interview.. Yup, straight Debo! (Lol). Get to know what makes him tick and add him on twitter, FB, and IG. I can assure you that you will be seeing a lot more of him::
1.How did you come up with the name Fetti? - When I was  younger I would have dozens of nicknames the only one that didn’t seem too corny was Fetti which means money , which was ironic being that I was some broke nigga . lmao 
2. How old are you and what is your zodiac sign? - Im 20 as of right now and im an Aquarius 
3. Do you go to school or are you currently employed, or are you solely focused on your music career? – Im employed right now ..I plan on going to school next year but everything comes second to music ..thats dead my passion . All the money I get from work goes strictly towards the studio , music videos , and everything I do that involves music .
4. When did you decide that you wanted to be an artist and please describe a typical day on your music grind... - I decided I wanted to be an artist around the age of 11 . I remember the first song I made ..it consisted of saying the same words over and over again ..funny thing is I didn’t even have a beat for it ..i still remember it till this day hahahaha 
5. How does your family feel about your decision to be a rapper? Are they supportive? – My family loves the fact that I rap . I get my feedback from them first ..my mother is the most supportive though , if she has somewhere to go early in the morning she always plays a cd with all my old music on it to get her day started I find it funny as hell but she always wants to be the first to know about any new song or video I make . 
6. Do you have a label, are you looking, or are you going to create your own? - As of right now im working w/ a few people but its nothing too serious I just look at most people as connections cuz you know what they say “ its all about who you know nowadays “ , and when I get big enough I do have plans of starting my own label but to have a label right now wouldn’t be so bad either I mean to get me started and all.
7. What inspires you to be so ambitious? – The main thing that inspires me are my supporters ..w/o people to tell me im good or tell me I could’ve done better I wouldn’t know where I stand ..and it’s a good feeling knowing that people will take time out and listen to you because they really don’t have too . Other then that its a lot of rappers who have little to no talent and are famous and living out dreams that I feel I deserve to live out too so I feel like if they made it I could definitely make it hahahaha .Then theres the good rappers that give me a push to rap too like Eminem, Drake, Kendrick, and Cassidy ..
8. Have you thought about modeling? – I never really took modeling into consideration ..but with this music stuff modeling comes in somewhere down the line 
9. Who are your top 3 faves in HipHop and who do you think should pack it up and go home? - My top 3? That’s got to be Cassidy ,Eminem , and drake ..the people who would have to pack it up is chief keef , lil B , birdman , soulja boy , hahaha no more name dropping ..when I get famous they gone look back on this !
10. Tell my readers something about you they can't read anywhere else... (Please be open and honest) – I aint afraid to be myself ..everytime you see me act a certain way or say something that you disagree with ..i wont regret it that’s just me being me ..i was just raised that way . From my father missing my whole childhood and trying to magically appear when im grown ..to people ive grown up with completely changing or becoming strangers . So even though a lot of things bother me I’ve learned to deal with most of it . That’s real 
There you have it! Fetti gives us a glimpse into his soul and I truly wish this brother much luck in the game although I don't think he needs it, take a minute and hit those links and I assure you that you will NOT be disappointed...
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/DatGuyFetti
Raw Talent: Shawn 'Fetti' Shuler
Raw Talent: Shawn 'Fetti' Shuler
Raw Talent: Shawn 'Fetti' Shuler
Raw Talent: Shawn 'Fetti' Shuler
Raw Talent: Shawn 'Fetti' Shuler

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