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Raw Food and Detoxification

By Blessed Self Healing @BlessedSource

Raw Food and DetoxificationPeople transition into a raw food diet for various reasons. Some simply hear about the raw food diet, feel led to change their diet, and do so. Others switch to raw foods because they are battling a minor or major sickness. When the body begins to get used to such wonderful nutrients, it automatically begins to detoxify of harmful chemicals and toxins and begins to make steady progress toward optimal health.

The nutrients of the raw food are full of enzymes that cause cells to lose toxins and other elements that are not healthy. In a fairly short time a person who begin eating raw foods will be able to experience feeling lighter and healthier because of the nutrition benefits of raw foods. Experts recommend, though, that the transition into eating a raw food diet ought to be gradual so that you do not experience any upset stomach or irritation of the digestive system.

Our bodies are detoxifying all of the time-especially in the mornings or early afternoons. Nutrition expert’s advise eating a light breakfast to aid in this natural process. The actual detox process involves cells shedding metabolic waste and toxins that go into the bloodstream and then they are filtered by the liver and the kidneys. Once they are filtered, they are eliminated through feces, urine, sweat, menses, and breath.

Much of the time our bodies can effectively detox all by themselves, but if there is a build up of toxins over time, the body can become extra toxic- otherwise known as being toxicosis. Toxins that come from junk food, environmental pollution, or stress can cause the body to become fatigued, ill, or obese.

With the incredible design of our bodies comes a natural urge to detoxify without us doing anything. When the toxicity level gets high, in order to maintain balance the body may detox by various means. If you experience a coated tongue, a sore throat, fever, inflammation, vomiting, or diarrhea then your body may be trying to detox. Our bodies are always getting rid of toxins through our underarms and through elimination. Experts also tell us that if our elimination organs are on overload, the body will use other avenues for detoxification, such as the eyes, ears, and mouth.

During detoxification, it is important to allow your body to rest so that full rejuvenation and restoration can occur deep in your cells. Drink plenty of purified water and organic juices to aid in the process. Try not to do any rigorous exercise during this phase of detoxification.

Once you get through the detoxification process, your body ought to be in optimal health and you will be feeling superb. You should have extra energy and feel lighter. You may have even dropped a few pounds during the process. Continue to eat a raw diet as best as you can so that your body will continually be purging toxic chemicals from your body and you can experience optimal health.

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