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By Tokkiandoliver @tokkiandoliver
**Disclaimer, I'm in a chatty mood, so this post is going to reflect that and be a bit long winded***
I'm one of those people that has to write everything down! Not just once on paper, but then as an alert on my iphone.  I am going mad this morning looking for my notebook.  This is where I write down all my telephone conversations for my business, and I can not find it.  I am just floored, it literally grew legs and walked out of my room..not cool lol. Anyways......
* Behold, Chanel Blue Boy.  This nail polish took over 4 months to get here from the states.  She was held up in customs since the end of January, and I finally got her in my hands and I'm never letting her go! I'll get some proper notd posts up again.
Rants, Raves, Lemmings & Reveals
* Next, I wanted to talk about the Ciate caviar manicure that is just out of this world.  I don't know about you, but this one is killing me. My ban lasts all year, and I am so tempted by this...I need to focus and NOT buy this, but I urge you all to buy it as it's just hot hot hot!  It's a 2 step manicure nail art kit where you apply micro beads over the base color coat.  I absolutely love the 3D effect to this.  My favorite is the black beads (shocker lol).
Rants, Raves, Lemmings & Reveals
Rants, Raves, Lemmings & Reveals 
Priced at £18 a set, it's a bit of a splurge, but extravagant things usually come with a hefty price tag.I wonder if you can purchase these micro beads from a craft shop and do it yourself...hmmmm...
* Also, did you all know that TK Maxx online has a Gold Label department?  We are talking about Stella McCartney, Alexander Mcqueen and more. It's very affordable too!
* Just to catch you all up, my downsizing of nail polish is going successfully.  I am now down to 127 polishes.  I'm trying to think "quality over quantity" as space is an issue since moving here.
* Rant - Don't you hate it when you email someone and they can't email you back, even when you know that they are online lol * Another topic that I wanted to talk about is charities and donating to charities.  I recently learned imperative donations are for the operations of charities. I know this sounds really obvious, but did you know...a. We need loads and loads of carrier bags? So if you are inundated, please drop it off at your local charity shopb.  We even take clothes that is unsellable.  Just because it can't be sold, it doesn't mean we can't sell it as a "rag" and make money off of it.  Most charities sell the unsellable clothes in large bags to a 3rd party who pays for it.  This company basically buys and distributes to third world countries.c.  Donating office supplies is a great help for us.  We use it, and it's less money we have to spend out of our daily sales, so donating office supplies is always appreciatedd. and last but not least - donating your time is the greatest help to us.  
*  I'm really excited about trying this product.  If it actually works, then this will be my new favorite drugstore product :)  We'll see how you hold up against my layers and layers of glitter! lol.
Rants, Raves, Lemmings & Reveals 
* Here is my awesome reveal from my secret easter swap.  This forum swap is awesome, because we had to stash "shop".  The purpose of the thread is to actually use what we have instead of hoarding, and it's really great, because we get to swap out items that are sitting there.  I was very happy as L'occitane is one of my favorite brands. The shea butter hand cream travel size is not pictured, because I used it all in one day :)
Rants, Raves, Lemmings & Reveals
So I think I should close this post, as it took me 2 days to finish it. Clearly, I can not come up with a congruent post, so this is what you guys get. Sorry :) Off I go to enjoy the sun.
Until next time, take care lovelies.
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