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Rank Humbuggery, by God!

By Davidduff

If anyone can think of a more sickening sight and sound than that of Westminster MPs whining and whingeing and shouting and shrieking because businesses arrange their affairs to avoid paying any more tax than they have to then kindly keep it to yourself because it must be too frightful to contemplate.  The stench of humbuggery from Westminster is revolting particularly given that so many of the 'honourable members' regularly cheat on their expenses and take back-handers from corporations to help them lobby ministers.

A parliamentary committee has just issued a report blasting Google for being intelligent and avoiding, in a perfectly legal way, as much tax as they can.  This shit-pie of a committee is decorated beautifully with a neat turd on top in the form of its chairman, Patricia Hodge MP, whose hefty family fortune is safeguarded from tax liabilities by means of careful concealment in various trust funds.  The fact that her Labour party advises its own donors on how to avoid tax when they make contributions is beyond satire.  On the other side, the Tories are proud of the fact that they have lowered corporation tax  in order to attract more businesses to Britain whilst at the same time they try to beat up small countries who do the same.

Needless to say, the fact that it is our law-makers who, er, make the laws is never mentioned!


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