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By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Hey loveys,
I come to you from my GLORIOUS couch (which I have not had enough 1-on-1 time with lately) with a protein shake in hand. I just got home from Optimal Body Fitness and today Deanna, I think, wanted to kill me. I did squats, and deadlifts, and push/presses, and hamstring curls, and lunges, and lat pulls and rows and pushing shit down the hall and back again and kettlebell swings. Basically that equals death... at least for my legs.
I haven't really just wrote on this blog for the sake of writing lately so today I'm posting whatever comes to mind. I did write another post like this over the weekend but I didn't post it. I don't know why, I didn't really like it... it was flakey... Oh well.
I was doing my workout tonight and I started to burp. I burp no matter what I eat... it's kind of embarrassing and it's kind of an issue when I'm doing important things that require eating (events and whatnot). Deanna has been noticing and thinks that it's a problem with my digestion... so after some thought she put me on some Digestive supplement that's supposed to help. It's the Poliquin brand called...... Digestive Force or something like that. I learned how to take them (did you know it's best to take supplements in the MIDDLE of meals?) and brought them home. I plan on testing them out tonight with dinner to see how I am. Apparently I will feel a warm sensation up my throat and in my chest (like I drank warm tea) when I'm taking enough, so I'm starting with 1 and until I feel it I'm upping 1 pill per meal!
The point of this supplement is to help stimulate the production of stomach acid in my body which helps digest the foods and provides me with the nutrition I'm trying to give myself! Apparently this will also help lower my cortisol levels (which will help lower my belly fat!). Here's hoping! I will let you know how it goes.... OH! By the way... today Deanna noticed I was a lot more lean than normal. HOLLA! That's a good thing lol. Last week I was on my feminine cycle (TMI?) so I was retaining water and I felt like the Green Giant. It's nice to be back to normal today!
Another issue I've been having is eating when I'm working. If you don't know I work at an Italian Steakhouse here in Downtown Toronto and it's super upscale. The hostess doesn't have time to eat and I absolutely won't be caught dead eating in front of customers. So instead of going the whole night with nothing but water, the first thing I did was bring a protein shake with me, and I purchased BCAA's (branch chained amino acids) and took a bottle of each with me to work. I drank these over the course of the night and it totally eliminated the hunger feeling because I was nourishing my muscles. Eventually I started bringing a meal to work with me. I make something that's super easy to just shovel in my mouth really quick... so I cut up baby spinach (about 2 cups), cut up some cherry tomatoes, cut up my animal protein and cut up half an avocado. I add sea salt and literally mix it all together. The avocado kind of works as the dressing and the salt really exaggerates the flavours of the food. This has been working SO well and it feels good to get in some actual solid foods rather than just supplements.
Deanna told me today that since I'm only able to get in one meal over the course of the night, that I should double the meal that I would normally have (so double the amounts of macronutrients I would normally have) just so I'm able to get in all my meals and it doesn't leave my body in a deficit. So on Saturday (my next night of work) I'm going to do that and see how I feel. Nom nom nom. So far I've been not drinking for 7 days and it's been great!! I've been in a couple of hard situations.... on Friday night the General Manager of the restaurant I work at had his last night of work so they popped a bottle of champaign worth $625... I got offered a glass but had to turn it down. On Valentine's Day I got offered a Valentine's Day themed Martini and had to turn it down... The way I see it, there will be SO MANY other opportunities to drink expensive champaign so I'm not too worried. I feel amaze-balls and I like being able to say no and take the healthy way out!
School has been super good so far.... I love it, have I mentioned that lately? I just got through mid-term week so that's a relief, and I have next week off for Intersession Week so I'm going to get tons of studying and essay's and assignments done that week... GLORIOUS! I don't have exact marks back yet for all of my classes, but I have A's in basically all of my classes. I learned the hard way that I shouldn't be cramming for tests the night before because it doesn't work (didn't get an A on 1 test.. wah) so I'm altering how I study... live and learn, right? I've now made some awesomely fun friends, so that's been really nice as well.
Needless to say life has been crazy in general, but I'm slowly adapting and getting a grasp on how to deal with it all. TGFMP (thank god for my planner)... I think I will continue learning how to cope and get better coping strategies with everything. Like the food issue.. and the studying issue... and the sleep issue... Lol!
What I would LOVE to know is how you deal with everything when times get insanely crazy? Do you have a planner? Do you use something on your phone? HELP! Any and all advice welcome! :)

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