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Rachael Weisz and Daniel Craig – A Newlywed Couple Swimming in the Same Direction

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

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Over the weekend James Bond actor Daniel Craig was married to Oscar winning actress Rachael Weisz. To all accounts, they had been dating since Christmas, so this is quite a swift decision by the two of them to get married.

Both Daniel and Rachael are Sun sign Pisces, Daniel was born on 3rd March 1968 in Chester, England and Rachael on 7th March 1970 in London. For them to have tied the knot so quickly, there must have been an instant connection between them and looking at the astrology it bears out very well.

Craig Weisz synastry

Rachael has a Sun Moon conjunction in Pisces which conjuncts also with Daniel’s Sun. A Sun/Moon conjunction is the archetypal marriage aspect, one partner’s personality merging with the other’s emotions, they complement each other very well. The other really powerful tie between the two is that Rachael’s Sun conjuncts exactly with Daniel’s North Node. There will be a very powerful tie between them, almost like that they have met before somewhere. Some believe that the Nodal axis shows our past lives and our future direction, and a Sun and North Node connection is the indication that indeed these two were together in a previous existence and are continuing to settle issues that were left over from their previous lives.

Elsewhere on the synastry chart, there is a dynamic connection between Rachael’s Venus being opposite to Daniel’s Uranus. There will be an electric attraction between the two. Both Daniel and Rachael’s Mars sit in go ahead Aries so there will be plenty of fiery passion, and Rachael’s Uranus sits opposite Daniel’s heavy Mars Saturn conjunction. She will challenge Daniel to break free from old routines and push him to do new exciting ventures. Will her influence pull him away from the Bond franchise where Daniel has become a household name? One thing for sure is that Rachael’s Mercury sits opposite Daniel’s Jupiter and her Mars trines it too so communication will be free and open and there will be a lovely optimistic feeling to this union. They will need a fair amount of freedom to make this marriage truly work which being actors they will surely get. 

On the composite chart which is a more long term view of the relationship. There is a wide yet nice Sun/Venus/Mercury conjunction which is loving and good for communication. Also we see a Pluto, Uranus & Jupiter conjunction opposite to the Moon. This opposition shows plenty of heavy emotion, possibly jealousy if problems arise and a need for freedom and space within the relationship however Jupiter adds a lightness of touch and a willingness to do things together which is very helpful. The opposition forms a wedge with Neptune at the point, very much a sign that this is a creative union (Neptune rules the film industry) and there is a dreamy, fantasy edge to it. Neptune squares both Venus and Mercury so they should try to avoid deceiving one another, less there may be great disappointment however there is plenty of love, kindness  and sympathy between the two. The only other possible down point is a conjunction between composite Mars and Saturn. This can be difficult to live with, when one says go, the other will stay stop, one will be hot while the other is cold. They may be constantly getting in the way of each other, which may need to cutting remarks or sarcasm. Allowing each other plenty of space should ease any tensions between them.

Craig Weisz composite

No union is perfect, but these two fish seem very happy in the same pond and I think there is plenty of good aspects to outweigh any difficult ones. Having both been through broken marriages before, I think they will try hard to make this one work and I believe that they have a decent chance of having a long happy life together.

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