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Race At Your Pace Fitness Challenge

By Hannah Staveley
Race At Your Pace Fitness Challenge

At Race At Your Pace, we're passionate about rewarding you with more than a sense of achievement for getting outdoors, keeping active and feeling great.

That's why we're here, and that's why we're encouraging everyone everywhere to get outside, take on our virtual challenges and earn prestigious medals you can be proud of!

What is a virtual challenge?

A virtual challenge is an event that you can complete at any location, at your own pace.

Each calendar month we run challenges of different distances that you can register for. Once registered, you have the entire month to cover your chosen distance in however many runs or walks you like, wherever you like, whenever you like! And if you're successful, you get a medal as a reward for all your hard work!

Race At Your Pace Fitness Challenge

The challenges

There's an ever-expanding range of challenges you can sign up for, as well as 3 separate challenges for kids, and another 3 for those who prefer covering their miles on two wheels.

Sign up and select the challenge that most appeals to you - challenging, yet achievable - and get going! You have the entire calendar month to cover your chosen distance, with the motivation to reach your goal and get your hands on a shiny medal!

Anyone, anywhere can take part! It doesn't matter if you are just getting into fitness, an elite athlete or you're returning to running - there is a challenge for you.

Virtual challenges are a fantastic way to stay active, keep fit and earn awesome medals!

Follow the steps below to find out how our virtual challenges work, or watch our video. If you would like to know how to submit your evidence.

Enter a challenge online

Explore our awesome challenges for you to run, walk or cycle. Your kids can take part, too!

Race at Your Pace!

Challenges begin each calendar month, and once you're registered, you'll have the entire month to cover your chosen distance in however many runs, walks or cycles you like, wherever you like, whenever you like! And if you're successful, you get a prestigious medal as a reward for all your hard work.

Submit your evidence

At the end of the month, you'll receive an email from us asking whether or not you completed your challenge. You'll have to submit your evidence to us as proof of your achievement - but don't worry! It's not as scary as it sounds. Screenshots of tracking apps, photos of your smart watch records or a spreadsheet with your results will be accepted.

Get your medal!

(and your new running top if you selected it!)

Once your evidence has quickly been verified by our team, your bespoke medal will be in the post the following day! And what's more, our unique, high-quality medals are designed and engraved by us each month and never re-used, so you'll be the proud owner of something that was only achievable for a limited period of time. Well done!

Enter another challenge and OWN it!

After smashing your first challenge, now its time to take things to the next level!

Remember you do not have to be a Fitness buff to get involved any levels are welcome as you can see from the above information,our blog has a huge influence on Health & Fitness as this is mainly what we focus on due to my own personally engagement around this key subject.

You can use apps such as Pacer on your phone if you do not have a fitness tracker,good tip too if you use Pacer join the months challenges as it will snow you how many km you have done then you can convert this into miles simply by putting it in google to translate.

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