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Quick Blog!!! Dip Dye

By Simplebird12 @Victoria_Cheryl

Dip Dye In A Box

Quick Blog!!!  Dip Dye
Changing your hair style can be a difficult challenge, especial when you don't do it often like meself. I used to have a fear of getting my hair cut,  after many bad experiences it really put me off.   It wasn't even from having bad hair cuts, it was because of  changing hairdressers I didn't like.  The same with dying my hair, I was always scared, after my sister having a few bad dye days I was put off 100% and my old hairdressers told me not to dye my hair  because I had a popular color already.
 This summer I wanted a change and instead of over coming my fear of dying my whole head, I thought let's start small and dip dye. I wanted to try it myself and see if  1. It would work and 2. If it would suit me.
Quick Blog!!!  Dip Dye
I chose L'oreal Wild Ombres No.2 
  • Part hair into two sections, tie the top part off with a bobble and brush through the bottom half to get rid of any tangles. (The instructions tell you not to divide the hair, but I want a full effect.)
  • Pop on the gloves that come with the product, then follow the instructions to create the mixture. (Keep gloves on at all times)
  • Pour the mixture onto the brush provided and comb though the hair. Start from the bottom of your ear to the ends.
  • Once you have comb the mixture though the bottom section start on the top layer. Remember comb from the bottom of the ear to the ends.
  • Once the sections are covered pour the last bit of mixture onto the comb and comb the layers together.
  • Wait for however long it says then wash through and condition, then wash through again.
Before and After pictures-
Quick Blog!!!  Dip Dye
I love this look and have decided for the winter to use the dark one. It adds something different to your look. I have had a lot of complements off people and for £6.99  from Superdrug it was a good idea.
The other products are-
  • L'oreal Wild Ombres No1- light brown to dark brown
  • L'oreal Wild Ombres No3- light blonde to dark blonde

Quick Blog!!!  Dip DyeGive it try and bring out your own Wild Side.
Bye for now. XxX

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