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Where Have I Been???

By Simplebird12 @Victoria_Cheryl

Welcome Back

Where have I been??? Well hello to my beautiful followers!!!Wow it's been a few mouth since I have posted on here, a lot has gone on since my last blog, which I posted around Christmas time. So this is just a little catch up and a "Where have I been." post to fill you guys in. 
  Where have I been???So after the last blog I posted it was my birthday, the big 25!!!. I was so excited to turn 25 as I felt I was ready to be that age. When I was younger I always wanted to be older then I was, I wanted to be that lady who had a job and could go out and socialise with friends and meet boys, and start a life full of fun. Now I have become that lady, I am now at that stage where my life will change again, career wise and family wise. 25 is the age where I will become a full independent woman, who moves out of her family home to live by herself and finds that career job she has always wanted. (I hope) The day was lovely, I went ice skating and received all the gifts I wanted, especially my beautiful bike Darcy, I've never had a bike of my own, I use to share one with the girl from over the road, so this was a special moment for me. I went out and celebrated with my friends and enjoyed every moment. Where have I been???
Two weeks later is was Christmas, it was great to just spend time with my family and actually take in the whole Christmas celebration. I work in retail so the weeks running up towards Christmas was just a massive rush and It was hard getting into the Christmas spirit. The day was relaxing and joyful and my gifts were just amazing.
 A few days later is was New Years and I had the best one ever!! I was working in Ben Brazil as a samba dancer. Doing what I love and getting paid for it to bring in the new year was just a dream come true. I was poorly though which didn't make it easy, but I did it and had so much fun. My costume was amazing, I was quite nerves with showing so much skin, but I felt great and with all the fun I got over it in the end. The staff where lovely and the customers where having fun, so I did my job right. It was an experience I will never forget and will definitely do it again.
 Where have I been???
Bringing in the new year was amazing, it took my mind off a lot of things, but it was back to reality. After Christmas I made the decision to step out of my 8 year relationship with my boyfriend. The new year for me was to start fresh and to find myself again. I am still in the process of doing that.
 You learn a lot about your surroundings when you step out of a long term relationship, which you have been closed off from for that one person. You learn a lot about friendship and family, but the one thing that I have learnt the most was, I didn't have a clue who I was. This year for me is to find out who that is and to focus on myself. 
 We know that nearly ever girl, lady and woman has been through it all, getting through the drama that comes after the break up is the worst but knowing that you are the main focus and its you that needs to think about yourself, will get you to a good place.
IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU- remember that.
I am back doing all the things I love and adding more to the list, so more blog post will be on the way.
Thank you for your support and keep reading and following.
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