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Spring/Summer Fashion (I Am in Love)

By Simplebird12 @Victoria_Cheryl

Put a Spring in your step 

Spring/Summer fashion (I am in love)
Spring is here!!! and it is definitely one of my favorite seasons, it's this time of year were people start to feel happier. The weather turns a corner from the cold, dark, wet days and becomes brighter, with a hit of warmness. Let's face it I live in the UK and the rainy days don't go away that easily.I am loving the new colours and the different style's for the new trends. I always find Spring to bring out the girly side in me, show off a bit more skin and get the cool sunnies out.
All the items plotted in the squares are from- John Lewis, Asos and Topshop.Every year you can predict the tends for each season because it was repeated from the year before and so on. But there is something different each time, like a new print, a new style of trousers or a certain colour/item that sets the trend for that season. For me this season is all about matching prints. I love all the trouser suits and short suits (if that's what you call them) they are great for both worlds, classy for the day and them you can glam it up for the evening. You don't need to worry about what to wear with the prints as the outfit works on it's own. all you need is accessories and shoes. Spring/Summer fashion (I am in love) I get really excited around this time of year, with different events and festivals coming up, fashion is a huge subject. I am the type of person who, when it comes to fashion and trends, I just wear what I like and what I think looks good. I see the trends that are set, as guidelines, helping me to link up with what's going on with the season. Having your own individual style keeps you true to yourself, it's not always good to be lost with the crowd when it comes to fashion, you have to stand out a bit. When Forever 21 came to Liverpool I knew it would be a huge deal, so I refused to shop there for a bit. Everyone from young to old was basically wearing the same clothes, it was quite funny. I have been in but only to have a look, the hype hasn't died down yet. Spring/Summer fashion (I am in love)I have recently started to sort my wardrobe out, moving all my Autumn/Winter clothes to the bottom and making room for the lighter/brighter colours. I have kept some of my bolder color clothes out because I think they mix well with the pastel colours of this season.  A pair of lovely, pastel color skinny jeans with a bold color top or vice versa, a pair of converse with a neutral handbag is a great look for Spring/Summer. Easy and comfortable to wear, also it never goes out of fashion.One of my favorite accessories for this season is sunglasses. They become more fun every year, with all the different colours and styles, they can make an outfit look amazing. I ordered 14 pairs from Asos the other day, I so need to get choosing (I'm not going to keep them all). It was a mad purchase, but I'm not a fan of shopping for sunglasses in the shops, people stare as you try on, just a bit weird (if it happens to you strike a pose.) Have a good shop online or in stores and see what you come up with for this season. Explore and experiment with colours, or even make your own. Love alwaysVictoriax  Follow me- Instagram- VictoriaCheryl
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