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Questions Event Planners Must Ask Before Accepting the Project

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros

Questions event planners must ask

before accepting the project

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By: Don Zilleri

When a professional event planner takes on a role on an event project, gathering the information is a daunting task. The analogy of planning the event without communicating with clients is as walking with the eyes closed.

The first step before accepting to plan an event is to ask questions for the purpose of getting to know the clients. Event planners must find mutual ground and be comfortable with the person who is paying the bills. So initial interview with the potential client is very important for both sides.

Ask questions before partnering and signing the contract. While the other person is responding to these queries, explore their decisiveness and the extent of accommodation. Not every customer is profitable. Grasp the advantages and comfortability to work with clients while asking the following;

-What is the event and goal?

Find out the perception and idea of the occasion. The event style and fashion opens the way to make decision whether this project is suitable or is not part of the event planner’s service offering.

- What is the date and location of the event?

Check the schedule and find devoted time for the event’s date. Professional event planners, scrutinize every details to dedicate their time and energy. Make sure that the event’s date is not over-laps with another agenda and if the location of the event is an easy commute.

- How many guests are attending?

To offer the client the cost of planning package, event planner must distinguish the number of guests attending in the event. Based on the business ethics, event planners charge per guest’s list at the time of the agreement. The client’s responsibility is to make sure the guests on the list confirm their attendance. Other expert planners, offer grace period to the client to RSVP the entire list even after the signed agreement and adjust their price and fees.

What is RSVP stand for?

RSVP is an abbreviation of  french phrase “Répondez s’il vous plaît” or “Please Reply”, which every guest, must do after receiving an invitation to an event.

- What is the overall budget?

Based on the number of guests and the extent of the event, client have a budget in mind.

This interview is not the final stage for signing an agreement. The questioner assist to get information on the event. With enough data and knowledge, the event planner examines the costs involved and prepare a proposal.

- What is the list of must-haves?

Next series of question is to help with the proposal. Every client has specific expectations and wishes. Note everything and go over the list of wishes with client to confirm and the level of its priority.

- Will There be other professionals?

Since most event planners work in correlation with other related professions and have an assigned crew, ask if the client prefers to hire their own or is willing to work with your referrals. In the proposal, many planners combine the overall fee including the service of other professional crews. In the proposal, list the detail of service these pros offer based on clients list of wishes and prepare a separate price quote per service.

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- To what extent event planner may make decisions?

Figure out the scope of decision making by an event planner. Many client prefer direct hands-on in the event and rather make every decision. With these clients, event planner must have an open communication and confirm every decision, which leads us to the next question.

- How accessible is the client?

If the client requested to be the main contact for every decision, verify the availability and accessibility. This is important in scenarios where the planner must make an immediate call. So understand client’s presence and involvement.

Communicating the point of interest between a client and an event planner helps both parties to eradicate any mishaps and miscommunication while planning the event and after signing the contract.

It is both sides responsibility to honor and respect the terms of agreement. So before partnering with any client, analyze the mutual interest and comfortable relationship.

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