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Questions a Parent Should Ask Before Selecting a Dentist: Part III

Posted on the 06 April 2012 by Rmbf @rmbfkids

Written By: Lorraine Perez

Have you ever watched how extremely proficient and coordinated firefighters, policemen and our military personnel are? When faced with an emergency there is no time to figure out which way is east and which way is west. All of these individuals must know their place and must work as a team to get the job done. As much as we would like to high five the depths of natural instinct the fact is these people learned how to keep cool during an emergency through many tedious hours of training.  However, training included not only learning what to do but when to do it and how to do it well; what situations necessitates certain actions and what do not. This is often times referred to as Scenario Based Training. It gives the participants the opportunity to ask questions they would have not otherwise thought of.

With that said, how well are the personnel in your dental office prepared to make quick decisions? Do they work well and efficiently together? Do they work as a team or is everyone running around clueless as to where to start? Is everyone assigned a responsibility or are they double dipping and getting nowhere? It’s scary to imagine with all the certifications and equipment the dental office personnel are still ill-equipped to handle dental medical emergency situations.  However, when dental offices fail to prepare the personnel through the use of Mock Drills it is also risking the lives of its patients.

Are you willing to allow your dental office to proceed unprepared? If not, ensure that you go to a dentist who takes care in knowing that his staff is well trained.  No excuses! Training information is provided below.

Dr. Bicuspid donates a portion of the sale from the listed continuing education Mock Drill (CE) courses back to the Raven Maria Blanco Foundation, Inc., which will be used to advocate for Medical Emergency Preparedness.

Foreign Body Obstruction $25 Register

Hyperventilation $25 Register

Cerebrovascular (Stroke) $25 Register

Syncope/Loss of Consciousness $25 Register

Local Anesthetic Overdose $25 Register

Emesis/Aspiration $25 Register

The Emergency Medical Response Plan $70 Register

2010 Medical Emergencies and the Dental Patient: Cardiac Diseases $25 Register

The Raven Maria Blanco Foundation was founded by parents who also did not realize to ask these questions. Today, the family honors the memory of little seven year old Raven by promoting advocacy, awareness and education in Dental Medical Emergency Preparedness. A core component of RMBF, Inc. prevention and education efforts come in the form of six invaluable principles known as The Six Links of Survival.

By encouraging more and more dental offices to adopt and implement these six principles the better chance there is of preventing pediatric deaths. Find out if your dentist office is prepared for medical emergencies. Ask the right questions!

To learn more about the Raven Maria Blanco, Inc. go to

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