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Que Nous Vieillissons (As We Grow Old)

By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5
Que Nous Vieillissons (As We Grow Old)

For everything I say,For everything I do,
It’s to let you know, 
I miss you.
For every song I write,
For every song I sing,
It’s all just to bring,
You back in my life,
Back in my soul,
So that I can be whole.
For every step I take,
For every move I make,
Is so that I can see your face,
As I sleep and as I wake.
For all the rain that falls,
For all the rivers that flow,
Don't ever let me go.
For all the seasons that come,
For all the seasons that go,
It’s so we can be together, 
if ever, Then forever.
For the Sun that goes low,
For the stars that glow,
I want you to know,
You're the one for me.
May it be,
For a second,
or infinity.
For the clouds that soar high,
For an eternity I asked why,
Did I ever let you go?
So now,
I want you to know,
That tor the colors that fill this world,
For the music that makes it swirl,
Without us it’s all just a blur.
And for that we must exist
It’s for the better.
In each others hold.
As we grow old.

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