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Pulling out All the Pizazz; High School Reunion

By Nancy Bell @nancyfancyfree

Well it is that time of year…class reunion time.  I have only been to one reunion since high school…there is something about them that was so terrifying before.  But this year I built up the courage and decided to go to see some old friends and see what everyone is doing.  I was excited to see everyone…not just my friends but everyone! :)

I was also excited because I have been feeling so great lately.  I haven’t lost an extreme amount of weight but I am feeling so much more confident with myself….. (Shh secretly I want to strut my new found confidence to all those mean kids from high school…ha)  I also wanted to go back to my hometown that I love so much now.  It’s funny because I couldn’t get of there fast enough after high school.

Last night was the first night of the high school reunion weekend.  I met up with a few close friends I hadn’t seen in a while.  We had dinner at a restaurant we always used to go to after football games…oh the memories with this old crew.  I was excited when one of the girls I haven’t seen in a while complemented me on how good I was looking.  It was little, but meant so much!
After dinner we met back up with our husbands and went to the sports bar where the actual reunion weekend was beginning.  It is great to see so many familiar faces and see how they have changed.  I have to laugh when the big “jocks” in high school have let themselves go and how the “nerds” are millionaires with super model wives.  It is funny to see how tables turn.


I was friends with everyone in high school so it is great keeping in touch through Facebook, but seeing everyone in person at a reunion is even better.  The evening was so great! We stayed out much longer than we intended too, but it was so worth it.  My husband had a great time; he graduated two years before me so he knew quite a few people.

Today they had a golf outing planned but the hubby and I decided to stay home and get some yard work done before the big party tonight.  They are having a fancy dinner at a local banquet hall with a DJ…I can’t wait to see how this evening is going to go! :)


I am so happy I decided to pull on my Spanx, put on some make-up, get all dolled up to go.  I can’t believe I was debating if I should go.  I have only been to one night of reminiscing and can’t wait for another.  Tonight is going to be spectacular and I feel great in my new dress….yes I went shopping again!

Cheers to a night of old friends and making more memories!

Until next time,

Pulling out all the Pizazz; High School Reunion

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