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  • Papa’s Brain is Broken

    Papa’s Brain Broken

    Our young grandchildren were sitting around the table watching me place a pile of green peas on a large tray. Then, I took away a couple each time. “What are yo... Read more

    The 15 April 2013 by   Gran13
  • Thursday is National Alcohol Screening Day

    Thursday National Alcohol Screening

    Assess your drinking risk with this easy test. The more you drink, the less likely you are to accurately perceive the risks of heavy drinking, according to a... Read more

    The 10 April 2013 by   Dirkh
  • Why I Can’t Stop Telling You Autism Is Treatable

    Can’t Stop Telling Autism Treatable

    With this being April we are all bombarded with Autism Awareness information. I see it on blogs (blogs that NEVER talk about autism at other times), Facebook... Read more

    The 08 April 2013 by   Matthewspuzzle
  • What Peter’s Psychiatrist Said:

    What Peter’s Psychiatrist Said:

    Peter’s psychiatrist told his parents; “Your son is suffering from schizophenia and you will have to walk on eggs for the rest of your life. I advise you not... Read more

    The 05 April 2013 by   Gran13
  • Mental Illness Symptom and Treatment

    Mental Illness Symptom Treatment

    Mental illness is really a medical condition that disrupts an individual's thinking, feeling, mood, capability to relate to others and daily functioning. Read more

    The 04 April 2013 by   Rojer
  • Bipolar Disorder Self-Test

    Bipolar Disorder Self-Test

    Bipolar disorder is the name used to describe some ‘mood swing’ conditions,the most severe type of which used to be called ‘manic depression’. Read more

    The 03 April 2013 by   Rojer
  • The Beauty of Compassion

    Beauty Compassion

    Have you been exercising your compassionate nature?Check out my latest article on the importance of fostering compassion in our lives in the new issue of... Read more

    The 02 April 2013 by   Intuitivepsychology
  • That "Blue" Day

    That "Blue"

    Today is April 2nd. It's the international "Autism Awareness Day". People are encouraged to wear blue to show their support of this "awareness" and many blogger... Read more

    The 02 April 2013 by   Gbollard
  • Why Vaccinate Your Children?

    Vaccinate Your Children?

    QUESTION: Not immunizing does not expose someone to a disease, only actual exposure to the disease does so. If a vaccine is effective and your children are... Read more

    The 31 March 2013 by   Allen_macneill
  • Smokers’ Genes: Evidence From a 4-Decade Study

    Smokers’ Genes: Evidence From 4-Decade Study

    How adolescent risk becomes adult addiction. Pediatricians have often remarked upon it: Give one adolescent his first cigarette, and he will cough and choke... Read more

    The 28 March 2013 by   Dirkh

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