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Some Ideas for Psychiatrists

Dear Psychiatrist,It would be great if you refrained from judging your patients instead of giving them the feeling that you are judging them? Read more

Paperblog Pick in Psychology

Alcoholism: Disease, Addiction, Or Both?

I spent more than half of my life living with Alcoholism. No, not me personally but as a child, my Father was a “functioning” Alcoholic. My first love was an Alcoholic and Drug... Read more


  • Selfie Use Or Abuse? Take the Quiz.

    Selfie Abuse? Take Quiz.

    My last post, Making Sense of Selfies, generated some interesting and spirited comments.  Some were for and some against, but none neutral.  For better or for... Read more

    The 12 July 2013 by   Drpamelarutledge
  • Do You Help Old Ladies Cross the Street?

    Help Ladies Cross Street?

    If you are the kind of person who helps old ladies cross the street, use some of that attitude in rethinking your treatment and interaction with a person who ha... Read more

    The 20 July 2013 by   Gran13
  • Making Sense of 'Selfies'

    Making Sense 'Selfies'

    We are awash in selfies. A selfie is a self-generated self-portrait, although calling them a “portrait” is a bit grandiose. Selfies are those pictures you take... Read more

    The 08 July 2013 by   Drpamelarutledge
  • What Self-care Really Means

    What Self-care Really Means

    Yesterday was the first time in quite a while that the psychiatrist wanted me to sit in on the whole session. It was also the first time in a long time I have... Read more

    The 31 July 2013 by   Survivingana
  • The Obesity Paradox - Fat People May Live Longer!

    Obesity Paradox People Live Longer!

    Virginia Hughes writes about accumulating data on obesity and longevity that many researchers wish would just go away, after all the effort that has been put... Read more

    The 12 July 2013 by   Deric Bownds
  • MDPV Turns Lab Rats Into "Window Lickers"

    MDPV Turns Rats Into "Window Lickers"

    Popular bath salt drug shown to be highly addictive. Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in La Jolla, California, appear to have hammered the... Read more

    The 14 July 2013 by   Dirkh
  • Inflammation Links Ageing to the Brain.

    Inflammation Links Ageing Brain.

    Gabuzda et al. do a nice review of work by Zhang et al., that suggests that manipulation of hypothalamus regulation, and especially levels of the hormone GnRH... Read more

    The 04 July 2013 by   Deric Bownds
  • Crack Babies Are Turning Out Okay

    Crack Babies Turning Okay

    Major study concludes that crack panic was overblown. In an excellent story for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Susan FitzGerald traces the fortunes of Philadelphia... Read more

    The 28 July 2013 by   Dirkh
  • Love Your Body

    Love Your Body

    I deserve to be loved and appreciated at any size. I can participate in physical activities that I actually enjoy. I can wear what I want as long as I love it.... Read more

    The 28 July 2013 by   Survivingana
  • You Can Achieve Anything You Want ….

    Achieve Anything Want

    This note was written by a mailman who wanted to do his bit to help others, and wrote: Hi! Remember that you are a beautiful human being and you can achieve... Read more

    The 06 July 2013 by   Gran13


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