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Protective Galaxy S2 Accessories – The Choice is Yours!

Posted on the 27 June 2012 by Anna Peterson

When it comes to protective Galaxy S2 accessories, there are many options to choose from – cases, covers, bumpers, skins, screen protectors, and so on. Some of them protect more, some of them protect less. Depending on conditions when you use your Galaxy S2, you can choose appropriate accessories. Some of them are as follows:

1. Cygnett Crystal Slim Snap-On Galaxy S2 Case

Cover for Galaxy S2

Cygnett Crystal Slim Snap-On Galaxy S2 Case

This Snap-on Galaxy S2 case provides some serious protection, although it covers only back of your smartphone Nevertheless, your phone will be protected from bumps and scratches, while retaining slim design.

2. Bumper for Galaxy S2 – black / red

Bumper for Galaxy S 2

Galaxy S2 Bumper - Black / Red

Bumper is a kind of Galaxy S2 cover that adds least bulk. It offers not so good protection; however the phone looks great with it, and has its original look almost unchanged.

3. Samsung Galaxy S2 Chaos Skin

Galaxy S2 Chaos Skin

Chaos Skin for Galaxy S2

Skin is great for all of you who really take care of their phones, and do not expose them to extreme conditions. Chaos Galaxy S2 Skin features interesting design, and offers minimal protection against scratches and fingerprints. You can also download a matching wallpaper.

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By Sahil Kumar
posted on 04 September at 09:05

Chaos Skin is awesome! Is it available for other phones? If yes that would be great news for other users also. Thanks for sharing such a great post about mobile accessories with us.