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By Amazingtre @amazingtre

A heart that’s “Golden Remains Eternal” leaving ” looks to deprive deteriorating  with time

Change exist with effort the beginning is when admitting to your mistakes

Those who learn from their mistake never complain so they sail into sagacity reaching a brighter day

Your past don’t exist its only haunts you if you let it

Never  try to fight something that you can’t move “Learn To Embrace The Truth”

Love hurts but pain heals like a headache knockout with Advil, life is a struggle so its left to you to gain some muscles

Be thankful for everything tho most come from a broken background its a reason why we strive for perfection

I value myself because I know my worth which is priceless compare to your normal Jerks

In life Your the designer of your own “sculpture” so lets stop the duplications and bring originality closer

You always have a lot to say but your actions never take place paralyze when it comes to living  what you say

If i can’t love myself than I can’t adore you that’s why I spoil myself so you know what’s in store for you

Don’t search for true love “Its meant once in a lifetime” ” you two will soon find in a coincidental time”

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