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PRODUCT REVIEW: Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
Some might say my lashes look fake when they are at their best. It has been a while since they have been at their best though as my much loved mascara was discontinued at the start of this year and I have not been able to find a replacement. Ok, I have reviewed and tried a few mascaras but nothing has cut it close to my old volumising mascara. But now I am happy to report there is a replacement, which is close to even being better. The product I am talking about is the:
PRODUCT REVIEW: Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara
 NEW Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara $25.95This is a double end mascara with 1- being the top coat AKA EXTREME VOLUME.PRODUCT REVIEW: Max Factor Excess Volume MascaraWork them lashes up or apply a single thin layer, you can do as you please. Like I said I have long lashes but they just need volume so I work two coats of this on and it does the trick. I love how volume with Max Factor doesn’t mean clumpy, sticking together lashes!PRODUCT REVIEW: Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara Step 2 AKA INTENSIFYING LACQUER.After applying the extreme volume and looking at my lashes I didn’t think I had to even add a coat of this on. But little did I know this is the icing on the cake and really locks them lashes in and makes them stand out.I will warn though do not try and apply this lacquer in a hurry as you will get splatter marks as it is quite runny.I made this mistake in the car and had a look in the mirror and saw little black spots all over my top eyelid on my perfect eyeshadow—shattering. PRODUCT REVIEW: Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara 
 I have seen this product in Priceline but other then that it isn’t up on their website yet as it is still VERY new and VERY hot J Let me know your thoughts on this mascara and whether or not you love it or hate it?! xx

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