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Product Review || Arami Skin & Hair Care

By Ifyejindu
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Product Review || Arami Skin & Hair Care
Hey beautiful people,Hoping you are having a good start to the three day weekend. I just thought to stop by with a little love from my end and I’ll be sharing with you details concerning my current skincare favourites. I haven’t written a product review in a long time and most of you my fabulous readers indicated you will love to see more of those this year so here goes...I’ll try to keep it as cute as possible.
I’m going to be talking about a not-so-new brand on the block called “Arami”. I got acquainted with this brand for the very first time at the December edition of the quarterly “Naturals in the City” meet-up last year which is usually organised by the amazing blogger duo of The Kink And I”. 
From its gorgeous owner with amazing skin to the beautifully set up stall on that sunny Saturday, I’m pretty sure I was blown away before my love affair even began. Arami is a skin and hair care brand like no other and I feel pretty bad that I’ve been sitting on this knowledge for a couple of months without forgive me. Well let’s get to it, shall we?
Product Review || Arami Skin & Hair Care
After looking through the products at the stall that day, I decided to get the entire collection that was available at that time: the collection titled the Genesis Collection. The Genesis Collection includes four different products, two of which had options of scented or unscented varieties. The four products are:
  • Body & Hair Food: unscented or scented (scented options include Lemongrass -- Vanilla -- Almond & Honey).
  • Onyx Body Polish
  • Coco Oil
  • Glow Oil: unscented or scented (scented option of Sweet Oud).

I honestly don’t know how to rave about these without using a ton of words but I’ll try my best to summarize as best as is humanly possible, I promise.
PackagingThe first thing that caught my eye was the packaging of these products: pretty, sturdy, unique and very user-friendly. They are completely re-usable and they honestly make a great aesthetic for your bathroom shelf or dressing table...they are so pretty that I handle mine like gold. I’ve never seen packaging like this before; they are simple, quite different and undoubtedly effective. I’m the kind of girl who likes to be visually assaulted by pretty things before buying them so falling in love with this was a no brainer. All four products come in 250ml bottles and tubs and are quite sizable and durable for their prices.
Product Review || Arami Skin & Hair Care
IngredientsAll products are made from eco-friendly and natural ingredients which make them safe and a lot more effective than a ton of products out there. Also, the ingredients are quite mild so this should be safe for people with sensitive skin or people easily prone to allergies. Find ingredients listed below:
  • Body & Hair Food: A unique blend of unrefined shea butter, extra virgin olive oil & vitamin E oil, whipped to perfection (cost N2,200).
  • Onyx Body Polish: A unique blend of raw African black soap, pure honey, lemon, extra virgin olive oil, rose water, ash & a blend of herbs (cost N2,800).
  • Coco Oil: 100% pure, unrefined, wet-milled coconut oil. Wet-milled virgin coconut oil has the highest level of antioxidants (cost N1,600).
  • Glow Oil: 100% pure, cold-pressed shea nut oil (cost N2,500).

ClaimsThis collection comes with a descriptive manual on the genesis collection alongside directions on how to use. Here are some bits of what it promises:
  • Body & Hair food: Soft, hydrated skin & hair. Strengthens hair & stimulates growth. Fights wrinkles, scars & stretch marks
  • Onyx Body Polish: Fights wrinkles, acne and brightens skin.
  • Coco Oil: Soft, hydrated skin & hair. Fights wrinkles, acne and dandruff. Light sun protection.
  • Glow Oil: Strengthens hair & stimulates growth. Fights wrinkles, scars & stretch marks. Soothes eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis

Product Review || Arami Skin & Hair Care
My routineI use the Onyx Body Polish every day and at night to wash my face and take off remnants of my makeup - I use it religiously and I never skip a day. I’ve only used it all over my body a handful of times mostly because I’m pretty used to showering with more solid soap bars and I can’t abide shower gels or liquid soap - they make bath time a lot longer than 15 minutes which is a luxury I can’t afford during the work week. However, this body polish lathers really well so it’s quite effective for showering.
I use the Coco oil straight out the shower to lock in all that moisture and I use interchangeably with the Glow Oil (I bought the scented in Sweet Oud) in the mornings and at night. I also use the Glow oil to take off any remaining makeup that the cleansing wipes were unable to remove before cleansing finally with the Onyx Body Polish. The Body and Hair Food (I bought the scented in Lemongrass which smells heavenly) has mostly been enjoyed by my hair and they give the best twist-out results, I kid you not.
Product Review || Arami Skin & Hair Care
ResultsUltimately, these products speak to versatility and all round effectiveness: they can be used in different ways and a little really does go a long way. That way you will notice it lasts a lot longer than you originally thought it would. Of all four products, I use the Body & Hair Food in larger quantities so that’s the one product I’m currently low on alongside the Coco Oil. 
I can also say without a doubt that these products deliver on said promises and do a really good job. I haven’t had a breakout since I started using the Onyx Body Polish on my face, even during monthly cycles and it has also helped with the hypopigmentation I have going on around areas of my face. All things considered, this has been one of my best finds in 2017 and I’m a strong believer in the Arami brand so get in on this.
You can get yours by reaching out through their Instagram account @aramiessentials and they will hook you up just fine. All four products are pretty affordable and I actually got a discount at the time because I purchased the whole collection so it was a pretty amazing buy. If you eventually try this out, kindly let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.
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Until my next post,
Cherry kisses from Lagos,
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