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Prince William – The Image of His Mother. Examining the Horoscope of the Duke of Cambridge.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


He flew off today for a 6 week tour of duty flying helicopters in the Falkland Islands. Prince William of Wales faces some military service on a set of islands claimed by Argentina off who’s coastline they lie. With tensions between the UK & Argentina already a little strained, all eyes will be on the young Prince to see how he does and how he copes.

PrinceWilliam natal

I don’t say it often, but this is a lovely, easy going chart. William was born on 21st June 1982 at 21.03 hrs in London (I remember it well). He has Sun and Moon together in Cancer, a new Moon baby he was also born on the day of a Solar Eclipse; a special time indeed. His Ascendant sits in easy going Sagittarius, bringing a wide eyed and open attitude to the more security conscious Sun and Moon. Now it is said that new Moon babies see their parents as one entity, however I have found there there does seem to be a strong identification to the Mother. With both Sun and Moon in Cancer this pull will be incredibly strong with William, and her death would have shaken him to the core. With the Moon receiving a square from forceful Mars and Venus ruling the 4th house representing the mother opposed by Uranus, the planet of shocks and accidents, one can see the tragic way that Diana his mother passed away. The Moon is also opposed by Neptune indicating that there is a possibility of a secret or a cover-up over his mother. With regard to his father Prince Charles I think he has an equally good and very generous relationship as he had with his mother, although with the Sun Neptune opposition I suspect he might find his father a little obtuse and elusive to deal with at times. Just from Wills’ astrology chart with the proximity of the Moon and Neptune to the Sun through the oppositions, there is the possibility that his father was also “involved” in any potential cover-up. All speculation on my part I may add. I have no proof whatsoever apart from what I see on William’s chart, and I suspect we will never know for sure what really happened to her.

The main feature on this chart is a multi-planet wedge formation based around the Sun Moon conjunction opposing the ascendant and Neptune completed by trines and sextiles to the Midheaven, Jupiter and Pluto. These two planets are joined in a packed 9th house by Saturn and Mars. The Sun and Moon are in the 7th house so his relationship to Kate will be paramount for him and he will protect it and and any children they may have in the future with all his might. William knows he is in a public role, but I bet he hates being center of attention. Cancerians are friendly but private, their home is their castle (quite literally in William’ case) and they will lock themselves away if given the chance. The security of themselves and those around them is of utmost importance. Making and keeping good relationships with other people really is in William’s DNA and there are several links from his new moon conjunction to the planets in the 9th house of international affairs.

There is a huge emphasis of traveling and working with people abroad on this chart. Mars in the 9th house shows a link to military service in foreign lands. Ok the Falkland Islands are not “foreign” but it may well be that William does fly his helicopter in other countries on British military service. Saturn in conjunction with Mars shows his allegiance to his armed forces as one day he will be in honorary command. Pluto and Jupiter shows great interest of foreign culture and William will want to explore as much of the world as he can. They also show the great power that at some point in his life he will inherit. Jupiter is the sign of fortune, and Pluto shows inheritance from a death and this of course is connected to his Midheaven, public role as King to be. Saturn in the 9th house shows his obligations and duty when on foreign soil. Saturn in the 9th doesn’t show him as an outstanding student but knowledge and learning would have been very important to him and his university days would have been hard graft, but something he enjoyed and was committed to.

Prince William is ostensibly a peace loving man. Neptune sits in his 12th house conjunct to his Sagittarian ascendant opposite to the Sun and Moon. Neptune softens his personality immensely, there is not an aggressive bone in his body, and just by looking at him, you can tell. His military work is in the form of search and rescue. This helping those in need is very representative of the 12th house Neptune which urges service to the suffering. He picks this trait of course up from his mother, and here is an opposition from Moon to Neptune confirming this. Humanitarian Uranus sits in the 11th house of groups and associations, so he will continue on Diana’s charity work in her name and honor.

We have two planets in the creative 5th house Mercury and Venus opposed by Uranus. Venus is in Taurus which is very romantic and loyal. He will treat Kate like the Queen she will become, and he will wish that the honeymoon period of his marriage could last forever. Mercury in Gemini in the 5th shows a quick inventive and creative mind. He will love puzzles and games and things to stretch his intellect. William may be quite a chatterbox behind the scenes, Mercury in Gemini has a childlike quality and being opposed to Uranus, the future king will be very tech savvy and will enjoy the odd practical joke. The Uranus Venus opposition explains why he waited so long before popping the question to Kate. He will very much value his freedom and would have wanted to enjoy his bachelor days as long as he was able to do so. Venus in the 5th house is rather creative, loves music, entertainment and sport.

Mercury makes trines to Mars and Saturn, so he will communicate in a thoughtful and serious manner and Mercury trine Mars brings authority to the way he expresses himself. This is someone who is capable of leading and giving direction to those around him. This by the way is not his royal training, this is natural in his natal chart.

Pluto, Saturn and Mars are all in Libra, the relationship sign, so even though he is deeply in love with Kate (I looked at their chart and the synastry is fantastic - see the link below), it will be hard work and life will not be so easy at times. This is born out by the Nodal axis, with the North Node in the 7th house. This is a position where marriage will be the making of him, but was a huge and difficult step for him to take. I have found any planet square to this axis tends to get in the way of this ultimate direction and happiness in life. We find Mars and Saturn square to the Nodal Axis. Thus I feel his military service (Mars) and duty to the country (Saturn) will affect that relationship with Kate, the one he values so strongly. He will have to find a balance between his duties and his responsibilities to his wife. It will not be an easy one to achieve, but it would be one I would urge him to find.

PrinceWilliam transits 1

William’s tour of duty in the Falklands sees transiting Jupiter (planet of international travel) exactly on his nadir opposite  to his Midheaven. Transiting Saturn sits on his natal Jupiter in the 9th house so his trip abroad will be tough and be full of hard work. No slacking even for a Prince in the Royal Air Force. Transiting Pluto representing his Scorpio Midheaven opposes his Moon so this will be an emotionally tough time separated from Kate as his work profile increases.

PrinceWilliam transits 2

So now to the burning question. When is William and Kate going to have a baby? I think we may see an announcement at the start of December 2012. At that point the nodal axis will hit his natal Venus in his 5th house of children. Venus always seems to herald a happy event when touched by the Nodes. This would mean maybe a mid/late July 2013 birth and at that time transiting Jupiter would have moved round to conjunct his Sun/Moon conjunction in the 7th house of his wife in the process being trine to his Midheaven and natal Jupiter ruling his Ascendant. Neptune will be trine to the Midheaven and Moon and square to Uranus, which to me is a sudden rush of emotion, a dream being made reality? Transiting Venus (ruling his 5th house of Children) on the 17th & 18th July 2013 will be trine his ascendant, square to it’s own position and sextile to Pluto which rules his public profile. Transiting Uranus will be square the nodal Axis and opposing both Mars and Saturn, a very significant point on his chart. Something unexpected is going to happen, of that I am sure which will affect him (Capricorn in 1st through Saturn), his self worth (Aquarius in 2nd – Uranus) and his local environment and possibly his brother Harry (Aries in 3rd – Mars). Trying to work out these transits is very tricky you know!! Incidentally, Wills’ progressed Moon on this date will in his 8th house of permanent change and will be sextile to his natal Jupiter and Midheaven, bringing the potential of a lucky and happy event.

I must explain here that this is a complete shot in the dark in regard to predicting a potential royal baby, however to me it looks good and seems to hit all the right areas. We as they say shall see if I have hit the nail on the head, or if I am completely wrong. You’ve gotta to be in it to win it :)

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