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Prince Harry – The Playboy Prince Living up to His Reputation in Las Vegas.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Prince Harry

Oh my, when will he learn?? Prince Harry while he was obviously having a good time in Las Vegas has been caught in what you might call a “rather embarrassing” set of photos showing him naked; photos which have gone viral across the web. Not that scandal is new to young Harry. From wearing a Nazi outfit to a party which caused a storm of protest, to a string of boozy nights out with him staggering out of nightclubs, Prince Harry enjoys his social life to the full, but this time I can imagine he is going to get a proper dressing down from his family and especially one would expect from his father and grandmother when he gets back home to the UK.

PrinceHarry natal

Harry was born on 15th September 1984 in London at 16.20hrs. He is a Sun sign Virgo with a steady Taurean Moon and has a Capricorn ascendant. This is a very stable collection of personal indicators and they all work very nicely together. The Sun and Moon combination shows Harry as a very practical and down to guy, who obviously will enjoy (and get) the finer trappings in life. The Taurean Moon needs to have a routine where one can build one’s life from, and serving in the armed forces (Harry’s Virgo Sun wants to serve), Harry has all that and more.

The position of Harry’s Sun says so much about his whole character. The Sun in Virgo is modest, careful and even shy at times but it sits in the 8th house, a house of extremes. It is interesting that he comes over at more formal occasions as a very dutiful lad, almost hiding away at times. That Virgo modesty and his conscientious side comes shining through and is also reflected in the Capricorn Ascendant. Capricorn rising can show great confidence one minute, then a fear of life itself the next. Those with Capricorn ascendants feel the weight of expectation on their shoulders until they have learnt that life can’t hurt them if they act sensibly and responsibly. There is great potential and leadership qualities within Harry, and time will eventually bring these qualities out to the world around him. 

The Sun receives a lovely trine from the Moon in his 4th house, so he loves his family and will get considerable support and comfort from them; it also reveals that he would have been especially tied to and fond of his mother. Neptune makes a square to the Sun from the secluded 12th house, bringing with it a real sensitivity and a true understanding of suffering and service. There is a selfless compassion here which is quite lovely, and Neptune combined with Jupiter shows generosity to those who need help. I am sure that these are gifts handed to him from his mother Diana, and as he gets older he will follow in her footsteps in the charity work that she began.

The Sun also receives a square from all action Mars in Sagittarius. This is a vibrant connection which pushes Harry to go out and see and meet the world. You cannot hold back the Mars in Sagittarius in his 11th house and this is where the fun really starts on this chart. Mars is conjunct Uranus and this doubles or even triples the need for this Mars to take risks. Mars of course signifies the military and the 11th house stresses teamwork and camaraderie and of course Harry is drawn by the joy of exploring the world with his regiment in the British forces, the action lifestyle of a soldier and the physical elements that are involved. He thrives on them, and he’ll be a fantastic soldier too, not only to himself but to those around him. Harry’s Mercury is in Virgo in the 8th house sextile to Pluto and square to Uranus so he has a very analytical and technically focused mind, one that can compute exactly what he needs do in the most extremely pressurised situation. When everyone around him maybe losing their heads, he won’t be. For a soldier, keeping cool under pressure is vital and when the heat is on, Harry will excel.

The problems come when he is away from that military and team environment. In the 11th house you can replace his regiment with a collection of high spirited (Mars) rebellious and unpredictable (Uranus) friends (11th house) who love to party (Sagittarius). I said earlier that you can’t hold Mars in Sagittarius down, and out of all of the signs, Sagittarius cannot resist a good night out. Mercury’s square to Uranus gives him a wicked sense of humor and a bit of a wild and crazy side too which adds to the mix. These connections to the Sun are made all the more potent, because the Sun, Mercury and Venus absolutely have to experience the darker side of life. Anything out of bounds, underground or taboo will hold enormous fascination for Harry, and this will lead him down many dark alleys and cause him no end of trouble. This fondness for experiencing the extremes of life also extend to Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is the planet of escapism, of alcohol and drugs, of getting away from it all and Jupiter (which rules Sagittarius) enhances the temptation to take these escapist experiences to excess. He won’t fear them, he’ll embrace them instead. If he was not in the royal family, I would really fear for him, however thankfully his family and his position in life can put the necessary brakes on him every so often so that he doesn’t go off the rails. See the purple Moon Saturn opposition above on the chart? Saturn in Scorpio is clamped to his Midheaven showing complete control and authority (Saturn in Scorpio) over his public image (Midheaven). The opposition from the Moon in the 4th house (extended family) counterbalances his over the top elements in his public life. In simple terms, when he is caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing, they will read him the riot act!!

The Moon Saturn opposition as well as the position of Venus also explains the reasons why he has not been able to settle down in any permanent relationship. Saturn opposite to the Moon brings disappointments and difficult choices, in his case balancing his military work which takes him abroad (Saturn in 9th) with his home life (Moon in 4th). Venus is in friendly Libra, so Harry will be hugely popular and very gregarious (Venus is sextile to Mars), and people will be fascinated by him and drawn to him, but it’s 8th house position means that his personal relationships will be tumultuous, passionate and transformational affairs. With Cancer on the sign of his 7th house of marriage he will care deeply that his relationships have so far have not held out well, and once he does find the right girl, I suspect that he will be as loyal as any guy could be. I have seen those with a strong Cancerian influence or a prominent Moon completely change in character once they meet the love of their life, and by the look and feeling I get of this chart, I think Harry will completely curb his party lifestyle if he meets her.  The birth sign of his mother Diana was Cancer and I rather suspect that the girl who will eventually snare Harry will be the one who most reminds him of her. You wait and see…

PrinceHarry transits

The scandal hitting all the newspapers occurred as Harry was having his half nodal return (the transiting South Node connecting with his North Node and visa versa). When this connection is made, often fate steps in to force you to change the course of your life. The real killer here however is that the Nodes were also square in the skies to Neptune which rules images and photography. Transiting Neptune is currently opposite Harry’s 8th house Mercury, the planet of communication sitting the house of secrets revealing a most intimate picture of him, and trine to Pluto the planet of intimacy and sexual affairs in his 9th house of international contacts. In life you can learn hard lessons and I think Harry will now have to adjust his lifestyle, and be far more circumspect in the future.

Backing up the Nodal aspects, transiting Mercury was and still is making a harsh square to his 9th house Saturn (conjunct his Midheaven) bringing his reputation down through the media (Mercury). Transiting Mercury also made a trine to Uranus and transiting Uranus a trine to Mercury showing the shocking (Uranus) nature of the news (Mercury) and a quindecile to his Virgo Sun showing the unexpectedly personal side of the incident. Jupiter moving through Harry’s 5th house of fun and games shows him in a jocular mood (5th) abroad (Jupiter) but the opposition to both Mars and Uranus also shows a propensity to take huge risks too. Pluto was also trine to Harry’s Mercury revealing a private side to his character that he probably wishes now was kept secret.

Looking into the future a  bit further, Harry’s life is going to change radically when Pluto hits his Ascendant as 11 degrees Capricorn. Pluto rules his public image (Midheaven) and with Scorpio on the cusp of the 10th house, I am fascinated exactly how this will translate into his life. This occurs between March 2013 and the end of 2014. Will he have to take on some huge responsibility? In Summer 2014, his Saturn which rules his Ascendant will also connect with his Midheaven, providing a major landmark in his life. What exactly happens at that time may well have a profound effect on Harry, and could indeed change his life forever…  

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