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Pretty in Pink

By Meplusmytrainer @meplusmytrainer
I'm back baby! After a week off from seeing my personal trainer, Kyle and I were able to squeeze in a session this week. As you know, I was in Halifax last week and I am in the Toronto area this week. We are beginning a new pre-sales campaign in a different city each week this month, which means I have lots of time to workout. lol. I actually function better when I have more going on. I love being busy and I love the hustle. Whoever (whomever?) said that July was a quiet month in the fitness industry was crazy.
I have also decided that I am going to blog about my sessions and workouts as soon as they happen and then I will just simply edit the post and add Kyle's section when he sends it. I really want to keep this blog as current as possible and after we went almost a week in between posts, I have decided to try this approach.
As you may (or may not) know, it was my birthday on July 1st. Eric bought me a new tablet for my birthday. It is an Asus Transformer Pad. No, it's not an Ipad. And I love it. I have a boyfriend that I would describe as "Anti-Apple" and although at first I was a little nervous about owning something that wasn't from Blackberry or Apple, I have realized that Asus is a pretty great product. It has an 8 mega-pixel camera, an HDMI port and a thingy for expandable storage. You can buy a key board for it so it can function almost like a laptop. It looks like this:
Pretty in Pink
I haven't purchased the keyboard (yet).
The thing I am most excited about is watching movies or videos when I travel (or watching old Arrested Development episodes on Netflix in bed). The only thing that is pretty funny, I now have a laptop, Blackberry, Ipod touch and an Asus tablet. I probably only use about 10% of the capabilities of these pieces of electronics, but I really do enjoy that 10%. Most of the apps are the same as Apple, I just downloaded the Blogger app, so I hope to actually write a blog post this weekend using my tablet.
Something else pretty awesome happened this week as well. I became a SweatPink Ambassador! It's true! I am a #SweatPink Ambassador! The Fit Approach SweatPink Ambassador's purpose is simple. Live the Fit Approach mission every day: they sweat hard, play hard, and inspire those around them to achieve their best selves. Cool, right?
Click here ( to find out a little more. If you are interested in becoming a SweatPink Ambassador also, let me know. It's only my first week, but it's a pretty awesome social community, that I am pretty excited to be a a part of. I think it's really awesome that there are other women out there that are like myself and want to encourage others to be fitter and healthier and just be the best possible version of themselves. I will be receiving some goodies in the mail in the next few weeks, so definitely stay tuned for some potential giveaways.
Fit Approach Sweat Pink Ambassador Badge
What about my workout? It was just dandy! As you know if you have read this blog before, I love to get to the gym early in the morning. I often work long days (as many of us do) and if I wait to workout at the end of my day, so many things can happen that could potentially get in the way of me and my workout.
I had took yesterday off from the gym, so my muscles were ready to rock and role. We used the following exercises:
4 rounds
6 reps-12reps-24 reps (10 seconds rest in between each exercise/1 minute rest at the end of the round)
olympic bar chest press
push ups
tricep extensions
trap bar dead lift
swiss ball leg curls
leg curl
I am getting stronger and leaner. I am 32 years old and it's not getting any easier. However, I eat better, lift heavier and as a result feel better than I have in years. Kyle takes my measurements on an annoyingly regular basis. I think they are more for him than for me. I knew I had gotten a little leaner because I can tell by the way my clothes feel. However, after some pinching, measuring and intense calculations, Kyle confirmed I was a whole 1% of body fat lighter. :)
I only have 12 sessions left. I can't believe it. Yes, I will be renewing. This blog has only just begun!
I am off to watch some Arrested Development on Netflix. This is a truly terrible photo. I am not even sure why I am including it in this blog post.
Pretty in Pink
Happy Reading,

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