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Powerblock Vs Bowflex; Which is Better?

By Fitnessmeetsfrosting @fitnessfrosting

Increasing the variety of workouts at home could be beneficial for several reasons and dumbbells can aid you in achieving that goal. Deciding whether powerflex dumbbells are perfect or Bowflex adjustable weights are reliable for you, could be difficult. Because both of these brands offer some extraordinary first-class models.

Your nutritional plan would go all in vain if you do not keep up with daily workout. Therefore buying either select tech or powerblock adjustable dumbbells is the foremost step towards achieving your goals.

These adjustable dumbbells let you attain a wide variety of exercises. This lets you have adaptability between workout sessions. Another benefit of having adjustable dumbbells is they don't require so much space, these are adjustable and can be fixed anywhere in the room when not in use.

With that being said, they also have a drawback i.e. they are too expensive gadgets. Yet, it is still worth it to buy these dumbbells instead of an entire set of dumbbells.

Being one of the most prime gadgets of the fitness industry, these dumbbells have gone way too far as more people are captivated by them to furnish themselves with top-notch workout equipment. Yet, it is left to know which brand is better performance and pricing wise.

This cause has brought a topic of discussion which will be talked over thoroughly in this article. We will figure out which brand is on top of the list in the war of bowflex dumbbells vs powerblock.

Powerblock review

Powerblock came into being in 1993 and since then it has been coming up with remarkable exercise gadgets for almost 30 years. Therefore, it became successful in making its name in the industry. They are generally acknowledged for their adjustable dumbbells, but they are also highly renowned because of their other exercise gadgets like barbells, weight benches, kettlebells, stands, and other sorts of fitness equipment.

Powerblock adjustable dumbbell models

As powerblock dumbbells generally come across unsatisfied reviews, here are their 3 models of all time. These models are considered as the showcase of their brand.

POWERBLOCK SPORT SERIES are well-known for their standard and striking design. Powerblock sport series consists of some all-level adjustable dumbbells provided by the powerblock company.

These power blocks weights also possess a selector pin for a handy and simple choice of weight. Not only that, these dumbbells are launched with a reliable size. Powerblock sport series carry a special flat base yet have a more rounded top. Their measurements are :

  • 16" L x 6.5" W x 6.5" H Sport 50
  • 12.5" L x 6.5" W x 6.5" H Sport 24
  • 10.5" L x 5.25" W x 5" H

As they are made up of steel completely, they also have a powder-coated finish. The middle handle is entirely padded and two bars at the side of the dumbbells hold two ends in one place. Dumbbells are extremely dense and hold the ability to replace 8 pairs of dumbbells or free weights.

Its design aids in widening balance and control over the arms motion and muscle development focus. These are sold in pairs.

POWERBLOCK ELITE SERIES also comprised compact, effective, and striking adjustable dumbbells. The block weight set is designed in a way that they can replace 16, 22 and 28 pairs of dumbbells depending on the weight of dumbbells per hand.

Similar to their sports counterpart, powerblock elite dumbbells are manufactured with weight stacks made up of welded steel construction along with powder-coated finish. Handles present on dumbbells are in cylindrical shape i.e. straight and are entirely padded to aid in comfortable gripping.

The side movements are built up with weight indications and comparable color codes, converting them into super convenient weights to determine the current weightage on the dumbbells. As well as you readily alter the weight by the use of a selector pin, which is quite capable of carrying a weight of 500 Ibs.

Additionally, these dumbbells are built with a dial lock that is capable of helping you in managing the weight up to 2.5 Ibs. Similar to powerblock sport series, these dumbbells also come in pairs.

POWERBLOCK PRO SERIES can be expanded up to 90 Ibs. even very expert lifters require more than that. If they do, it is because of a very little range of exercises. Each weight block has a coating of protective Urethane.

This protective coating helps in protecting the weights from cosmetic damage and other damages from short drops. The movements that help in joining the end parts of powerblock dumbbells utilize an extreme non-welded flex design. This design lets the dumbbell move freely.

These are the only powerblock series with flex technology. They have a five-year warranty which implies that it can be recovered from potential damages caused by normal use or from drops. Powerblock pro series are relatively expensive as compared to sport and elite series.


Bowflex review

With their 35th birthday in the current year, bowflex has been engaged in generating exercising equipment for nearly 3 and ½ decades. Hence, they have groomed enough to come up with some top-notch gadgets.

After getting successful in building their in-home gym series they came up with several treadmills, steppers, ellipticals, dumbbells, racks, benches, and other exercise equipment.

Bowflex adjustable dumbbell models

Their wider range of exercise equipment does not imply clearly that they are dumbbell producers if we speak about powerblock vs selecttech. Their selecttech products still sit on top of the list and are recognized in the industry. These are discussed down below:

BOWFLEX SELECTTECH 552 are largely popular because of their competitive price. They are bowflex adjustable weights and known for budget-friendly features. You can readily change the weight of these dumbbells. Although there can be some problems with durability and upgradability.

Weights on the dumbbells can be adjusted from 5 to 52 Lbs respectively. These dumbbells are manufactured with a selection dial, which lets you easily adjust the weights. This implies that you can start another exercise immediately in the simplest way.

When you want to begin with a new exercise just turn the dial and the weight will be elevated. The selection dial lets you do a quick weight alteration which is super quick even than loadable dumbbells.

They come with great build and design and are very compact as compared to an entire set of dumbbells, which implies that it wouldn't even require a full room space. Showcasing an exceptional red and back design, dumbbells too look remarkable which is a plus point. As the stuff you adore most will be utilized more often.

BOWFLEX SELECTTECH 560 is known to be an upgrade of 552. Bowflex power blocks are square in shape which is beneficial in its way. They are not striking only because of their consistency, these weights can be utilized as push-up assist and extra surface area which implies that controlling them away from the handle is handier.

Modifying the weights on the dumbbell is much easier and effective. Without having a dailer the weight itself can alter weight. Just keep it in a holster and turn the handle, it will release or pick up weights. A small window present on the dumbbell will show your current weight range.

It has a Bluetooth feature and it can provide you with basic data transfer like feeding in your favourite health app. The Bluetooth screen also shows the number of repetitions during your workout.

BOWFLEX SELECTTECH 1090 is a pair of adjustable dumbbells accompanied by a circular shape and long-lasting plastic moulding around the metal plates. These bowflex adjustable weights let you carry out several exercises and replace a set of 12 dumbbells for different exercises.

These come with a dialer, from which a person can adjust the weight from 10 Lbs to 90 Lbs with 5Lbs addition. This equipment is also packed with a Bowflex training app, which can help you watch different workout videos.

The app is also helpful in showing a person the number of repetitions they have done. Bowflex provides a 3-year warranty, while you can additionally buy a 5-year warranty extension.


Advantages of adjustable dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells save you a lot of room space. Using only one set of dumbbells you can easily carry out several exercises, ignoring all of the other exercise equipment. Once you get done with the workout you can keep them back in the rack and go on with daily tasks.

Adjustable dumbbells are known to be cheaper. If we speak about Bowflex SelectTech 552, in terms of selecttech vs powerblock it is relatively cheaper in price and it's probably worth buying it.

They can carry out multiple exercises at the same time. Without bringing new machines into your home, you can make use of these dumbbells to save your money and space as well.

Disadvantages of adjustable dumbbells

The main drawback of having adjustable dumbbells is that they can be used by a single person at a time. For instance, if you are a gym owner you would not like to put these dumbbells in your gym. As no one would ever want their customers arguing over the equipment.

Adjustable dumbbells are known to be less long-lasting if compared with the fixed dumbbells. Fixed dumbbells are made up of solid cast iron which makes them more durable. As you do not need to alter weights and different parts in fixed dumbbells so there is no concern of losing parts.



The Powerblock dumbbells are simple, secure, and simple to utilize. It offers a solid and fast movable dumbbell. It comes with an extreme adhesive to help you change the weights with ease and security. The Powerblock dumbbell offers you to have adaptability in your weight planning while promoting movability. This flexible dumbbell grants you full free ranges of movement for your schedules.

Bowflex equipment lets you have a total gym-style workout in your own home. All the Bowflex options do everything you would expect from a dumbbell. In any case, after you see a small closer, Bowflex moreover has a few additional selling points, such as all their models being coated with a defensive layer, as well as having Bluetooth innovation, to assist you track your workouts.

Build quality and design:

Both Powerblock and Bowflex make dumbbells with the materials that are of best quality and strong. The handles on Bowflex dumbbells are made of plastic, which implies that they can get harmed effectively after a difficult drop. However, the free weights and the rest of the dumbbell is made out of metal, which makes them safe to harm. The Powerblock dumbbells are made out of steel, so you won't have to be stressed around their sturdiness because it is exceedingly impossible that you simply can harm them while exercising.

Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbells have a recognizable design that maximizes your comfort during a workout. All the flexible dumbbell models these two brands offer look smart, in spite of the fact that a few of Powerblock's dumbbells can be ill-suited for individuals with large hands. Powerblock uses metal for the weight plates which may be a dark powder coat painted. Bowflex, on the other hand, uses strenuous metallic which is secured in strong burdensome plastic.

In terms of overall quality and toughness, both brands are on standard with each other. Both brands also utilize plastic components within the design, be that as it may, it has no significant disadvantage.

Weight range:

The top-of-the-line Powerblock weights extend from 5 to 90 pounds. You're able to alter the precise setting in 3, 4, or 5-pound increments depending on the precise model you buy.

Bowflex contains a model that ranges from 5 to 90 pounds. You'll be able to move it up in 2.5-pound increases, which gives more control of the exact amount you are feeling comfortable lifting. Moving up 5 pounds at a time may be as well for some. But with 2.5 pounds, you can better manage your progression.

Bowflex dumbbells come with a dial that lets you increase weight by 2.5lbs up to 25lbs and by 5 pounds once you surpass the 25lbs limit.

You do not have to set the dial to the same weight value on both sides of a Bowflex dumbbell, since their stunned resistance highlight empowers you to select how much weight you need to distribute to either side of a dumbbell.

The weight adjustment framework on Powerblock dumbbells is based on polypropylene magnetic selector pins that can be embedded into the diverse spaces to choose the required weight. The greatest capacity of the selector pins is set to 500 lbs., which makes Powerblock dumbbells a great option for overwhelming lifters.

Increasing the weight by 2.5lbs could be a somewhat more complicated process on most Powerblock dumbbell models, which makes Bowflex dumbbells a much better choice as compared to Powerblock if you need to extend the weight more gradually.

Grip And Comfort:

In terms of hold, there is not much contrast between the bowflex dumbbells vs powerblock. Both have tough, ergonomic grips.

The Powerblock series come with an ergonomically molded, rubber-coated handle. All the handles on Bowflex models are ergonomically molded, in spite of the fact that they include contrasting sums of elastic coating, from none to negligible.

Adjustment system:

The Bowflex dumbbells vs powerblock vary incredibly in their adjustment frameworks. The bowflex weights utilize a framework of selector dials on each side of the dumbbell.

This design implies you will be able to switch between wanted weights with a simple turn of the dial. The adjustment framework is exceptionally speedy on the Bowflex dumbbells, but only ever so slightly slower on the Powerblock dumbbells.

Powerblock dumbbells utilize a selector pin framework, much like a weight machine, to alter its weight choices. The diverse levels are color-coded with a direct on beat of each dumbbell, so you will be able easily see which level of weight you are working with.

Both dumbbells are durable, in spite of having plastic parts. Although these can take a hit on the floor, watch out not to drop them during your workouts. They are padded for comfort, and most clients comment that they will somewhat alter their arms amid workouts to suit the measure.


The cost of Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbells depends on the model, and you can end up paying anywhere between a hundred and $800 for a combine of dumbbells. The models from the Powerblock's series can charge between $159.00 and $627.00, whereas you have got to spend between $299.00 and $557.00 for a combine of dumbbells from the USA Tip top series.

In spite of the slight difference in price, Bowflex and Powerblock dumbbells are still so also estimated, as their entry-level models can be obtained for a small over a hundred dollars, whereas you will end up paying up to a thousand dollars for a combine of premium dumbbells delivered by either of these brands.

Powerblock Dumbbells Pros Bowflex dumbbells Pros Editor's recommendation:

Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbells empower you to perform more than thirty full body workouts. A few models indeed permit you to include extra weight for lower body workouts, whereas still empowering you to target the group of muscles you need to work on.

The POWERBLOCK MOVABLE DUMBBELLS are eventually the way better choice. They are perfect for an overwhelming lifter that is looking to extend the weight limit, in this way quality, over time, which isn't conceivable with the Bowflex Dumbbells. 2.5

The Powerblock, although unusual at first, with your entire hand being encased inside the outline, feels even and comfortable, but beginners are going to love the design and before long get utilized to the diverse weight choice system.

Powerblock vs Bowflex; Which is Better?

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