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Power Up!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys! Do you feel like it’s winter now that Thanksgiving has come and gone and you may or may not have added 5 pounds to your winter squish? I have, and I do! I keep checking my wallpaper app for updates thinking that I’ll finally get a few Christmas wallpapers to decorate my iPhone… which has a brand spankin’ new screen!


I found this guy who fixes apple stuff from his little apartment and he replaced my screen in 15 minutes for $40 bucks. What get’s better than that? I was a little scared the entire time I sat in a Lazy Boy recliner next to his roommate, but I escaped with a shattered free iPhone and my life. All’s well that ends well.


Eating has been going great, especially now that I’ve learned what my basic go-to eats are and I don’t have to search the grocery stores and menu’s in helpless panic.

Chipotle is 143% on the menu all day, every day!


I feel really awesome. I splurged on Thanksgiving on some rolls, cheesy carrot casserole and a few slices of pie and now I know how much better I’m feeling every day. I felt like dying for three days after Thanksgiving and I even got a little itchy rash from all the dairy. But now I know and I have some serious motivation to keep eating clean!!!!


Guess what I found?????????

Cinnamon Chex!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought they were discontinued and my life would never be all cinnamon-sugary every again. But I should never doubt the Chex people and I have learned my lesson.


I bought these amazing gloves for work. I’ve gotten 1 million 3 hundred and 42 splinters and for the sake of my fingerprints I felt some work gloves were in order. I feel like I’m powering up every time I put them on and sometimes I feel like I’m in the movie Tron……………


To make a long/complicated story short…….

yesterday I was chewed out by a dentist. It was not my dentist and it was not about teeth or gums or chewing or biting. I was very sad and cried for over an hour but Skittles saved the day and turned my frown upside down.

Hi. I’m Maren and I emotionally eat Skittles.

in unison…….. Hi Maren!


Can I just tell you that Sweet Potato Chips are the best pre- Thanksgiving Dinner grocery shopping fuel?!?!


And Awake Tea Lattes with Soy and Gingerbread make the best breakfast for after stuffing your face with Cheesy Carrot Casserole!

Tell me about you!!!!!!!!!! I want to know………………….

How much did you eat on Thanksgiving?

2 servings of pumpkin pie, 1 serving of chocolate pie, Turkey breast, harvest veggie and wild rice stuffing thing, cheesy carrots x5, 2 crescent rolls, and gravy!

Have you ever eaten so much you actually went into a food coma?

Before this thanksgiving no! I sat down on the sofa and was out in 2.7 seconds flat.

Do you have your Christmas lights up yet?


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