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Porcelain Palace – Making Your Bathroom The Best Room In The House

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

Have you ever wished that your bathroom, was a little bit more luxurious? Are you currently sharing the tub with five rubber ducks and a plastic tug boat? Do the kids like to leave toothpaste smeared all of the mirror and counters? Well, you need not suffer in silence any longer because below is a guide on how to turn your bathroom from pants to palatial.


OK, so everybody knows that the bath is the most important item in the bathroom. Well, apart from the toilet. But if you are lucky you have one of those houses where the bath and toilet are in separate rooms!

So how can you improve your bath experience and make it more luxurious? The first thing is to look at the bath itself? Get rid of the old plastic bath, and replace with a freestanding ceramic tub. These are deep, luxurious and perfect for sitting in after a long hard day to soak away all your worries.



Or you could go for a sunken bath instead. This is where you have the floor dug out, and the bath bowl is inserted into that space. It means you can walk straight in and not have to climb into the bath in an undignified manner. It also gives it a spa or swimming pool like quality.

If buying a new bath is out of the question, then there are a few things that you can do to tidy up the old one. First of all, check the sealant around the edge, for mold. If you find any, remove it and reseal with a waterproof product.

Make sure that the side of the bath is fixed to the top well, so it doesn’t come loose. Also giving your old bath a clean and polish can make it look almost new.  

Wet Room

If you are not really a bath person but still want a palatial bathroom in your home, you could always install a wet room instead.

A wet room is where the entire room is tiled, and there is no divider between the shower and the floor. That means although the water will go everywhere it doesn’t matter!

It’s a great option for people who aren’t too keen on spending hours slaving away at cleaning the bathroom either. Just spray on some bathroom foam and rinse.


Of course, everyone knows that the mark of a luxe bathroom is the quality of fixtures and fitting you have. That means it’s time to get rid of that snaking plastic hose that fits over the taps!

Instead look for things like adjustable shower heads, that match your overall decor. Waterfall taps are a nice addition to the sinks and baths too.


A luxe bathroom has good lighting in it as well. You will want some variable sources of light to match the different function of your bathroom.

It is nice to be able to dim the lights when you are soaking in the tub. This makes it very relaxing, and you can add a few scented candle as well.

However, when it comes to applying your makeup, then you will want it to be bright as daylight.

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