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Pokemon Kalos Region Pokedex and Battle Ready Pikachu

By Thindes78
Pokemon Kalos Region Pokedex and Battle Ready Pikachu
Pokemon Battle Ready Pikachu: You can launch foam discs either off your shoulder or on a table top or whilst holding it, with your Pikachu Battle Ready pack. Included is an adjustable backpack harness, for which Pikachu slots onto the shoulder bases, sits on your shoulder and you can run around shooting the discs. The backpack also comes with a handy storage compartment so you can store all your foam discs in. Finally, also included are the foam discs.

When you press the button on Pikachu, in a cute voice he does use phrases.Instructions: You load up all the discs in the hatch on top of Pikachu, turn the switch at the tail end to 'On' push the button on the front paw to activate the motor, then push down firmly on the right ear to shoot discs across the room. The discs shoot out, just under Pikachu's chin.Jacob had loads of fun with this, running around launching the discs at all sorts, he also set up targets and shot at the targets. The backpack is a nice feature, but Jacob did prefer holding Pikachu, rather than having him sitting on his shoulder.   This is the perfect gift for any Pokemon lovers out there with endless fun.

Pokemon Kalos Region Pokedex and Battle Ready PikachuPokemon Kalos Region Pokedex and Battle Ready Pikachu

Kalos Region Pokedex Scanner: Hardcore Pokemon fans will love this! The Pokedex is more of a gimmick, and though it doesn't actually scan, you can use it as role play and pretend it does scan, and each time the button is pressed you receive some flash sound effects, and as it spins it lights up, making it appealing and exciting for the kids to play with. Jacob was scanning anything and everything, not just Pokemon's.

Instructions, you can slide it shut, open it, and press a button which will start the spin (scanner) and then it lights up as it spins, not forgetting the sounds effects.

It has 13 different sound effects, and it looks like pretty 'serious futuristic stuff' for a child to role play with, allowing them to open up their imagination, and create all-sorts of  fun.

Pokemon Kalos Region Pokedex and Battle Ready Pikachu
Both these toys are made by Tomy, and both are great action toys, with endless play, kids will love these, especially any Pokemon fans.

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