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Pizza, Burgers, Squats

By Healthlovechoc

I know I usually am not seen around these parts on a Friday, but I feel like I haven’t chatted with you all this week, so I just had to stop by. Once upon a time I used to do very organized and sequential Five on Friday posts, but I’ve found I make more sense when I just spew thoughts all over the page. I’m a gem, I know.

Anyways…here’s what’s been happening around these parts lately…


A cool little ice cream shop called Smitten that makes scoops to order using liquid nitrogen opened in a Whole Foods near me.


The boy wanted to try it so I picked up a pint of Tcho chocolate on my way home the other day. Oh, and a pint of whipped cream also of course. My stomach is still weary of full on ice cream (although I have been experimenting with more dairy products lately) but I snagged a few bites anyways.


Not to worry though, Halo Top seems to be perfectly fine digestion wise (as long as I don’t eat the entire pint in one sitting…) so I’ve been happily eating that. Thank goodness because I can’t imagine going a summer without some form of ice cream in my life. The vanilla bean is just plain amazing.


I learned a lesson from this pizza. Pizza crust should not be made out of protein powder. I attempted something along the lines of this. I obviously still stuffed my faae with it, but i think I’ll stick to my enormous collection of gluten free flours from now on.


I also learned a lesson from this burger. Multiple lessons, really. 1. Figs were destined to be put on burgers. 2. Sweet potato rounds make perfect bun stand ins. 3. Goat cheese makes everything better.


After trying the Simply Whey bar from my Blend swag, I was intrigued by the protein chips the company makes. The are pretty good! Kind of like Fritos but puffier with more interesting flavors.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned it very often here, but I’ve been having some low back pain the last month or so, and I finally got myself to the doctor to check it after taking it easy at the gym for a few weeks. My physical therapist thinks it is just a lodgment strain that has healed but left my hips slightly unaligned, and that after a few weeks of stretches focusing on aligning them again I should be back in action. Needless to say, I am going to be much more proactive about focusing on stretching and mobility in the future.


The good news is I am back to squatting and deadlifting, and having all sorts of other fun in the gym. I have been loving these lifting gloves from Myprotein which I will be doing a full review on soon.


Chucks have become my new favorite shoes to squat in, so after my inaugural bright aqua pair, I just had to get a bright orange pair to join the family.


Scenes from the squat rack. That sounds better than #squatrackselfie, yes?


I’m just going to leave you with this drool worthy photo of a baked Quest bar.. Assuming you’re a Quest bar addict like I am and don’t mind stuffing a bit of sucralose down your throat once in a while for the sake of melty cookies and cream-ness.


Actually, for all you the could care less about Quest porn (I promise this is an appropriate link), here is a little fruit beauty for you. If you are a long time reader or Instagram follower you likely remember the abundance of fruit photos from last summer. I know my favorite Aussie does. Well, the obsession is returning. There is really just nothing better than summer at the farmers market.

On a side note, the bloggy blog will be going through a little midlife crisis and getting a facelift in the next few days, so please excuse any transitions or, you know, a complete crash of the site which I have done multiple times. Code is not my forte.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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