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Pitching Your Screenplay

Posted on the 12 November 2012 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
Hello friends,pitching a screenplay is nothing but narrating your main characters,plot and conflicts to a producer or writer or to a manage it can be anyone. As a script writer u have your own world where u will create situations,characters and many more to write a complete script, but narrating a screenplay can be a horrifying task the reason is very simple u need to have sound verbal skills to communicate with your producer or director whom ever it may be.You have to narrate your complete script in less than 20 odd minutes. But fact is always fact remember guys, if the person on the other end has got some experience in picking up sound scripts he can straight away smell the taste of your screenplay in first few seconds. So, never try to bluff. Always remember, as a script writer you are just selling your idea. But on the other end someone has to invest huge amount of money on your script. So, improve your pitching  skills, if you are bad at it follow my last post about overcoming screenwriters pitch fright. Remember, pitching a script can be a night mare for some script writers. So, get ready for narrating your script in a interesting way. its an art to do so practice it,master the art and you will reach your target. And don't forget you have to sell your screenplay.

Things To Remember While Pitching Your Script To A Producer Or A Director

  • First thing you have to remember is just get some interaction with the other person to whom you are pitching the screenplay. It makes your work lot more easier.
  • Dress properly.Looks sometimes tells our character.So, dress decently.
  • First impression is the best impression. So, try to impress in the first few seconds.
  • Try to read the mind of the other person as much as possible.
  • Okay u have fumbled once, get up quickly and try to forget that as soon as possible and try to focus on pitching your script in a interesting manner.
  • Utilize your time to fullest, have a sound stuff as i told u if the other person is good at reading scripts he can find it out in the first few seconds. So, make it interesting as much as possible, if the script is really interesting the other person will never think about the time span. Your pitching should make him to forget about everything other than your script.
  • Now, what are all things that u have to consider while pitching your screenplay to a director or a producer..? here are the things you have to remember.
  • Get well prepared about your screenplay and be clear about your concept of your script.
  • Note important key points and twists that are going to happen in the script.
  • Always focus on your listener. You can look at your short notes or synopsis that is accepted but don't always depend on that. Your very first duty is to hook the person to your screenplay.
  • Create a feel of looking at a visual with your narrating or pitching skills.Yes, while you pitch your screenplay create an environment with your verbal skills just like the other person is watching a film.
  • Always remember one most important thing, your pitching skills should always target the other person to whom you are narrating. Yes, if you are pitching your screenplay to a produce now think from his point of view(POV). Let him know how your going to spend his money to perfection,budget of the film etc., so that he should accept the wise if u are narrating to a director, let him know that he is the only person who can do justice to your script. The same thing applies to the lead roles. I am repeating it again pitching is an art learn it :)
  • Always try to pitch your script with the sentences like now the scene will be cut to, here come the twist since it will create some interest in the other person.
  • Be enthusiastic about your screenplay. That make you to handle the things better.

Don't Do These Things While Pitching Your Script

  • Don't give long descriptions. Yes avoid log descriptions like now a 8 year old boy enters a room...This room is full of fruits and flowers etc., Always try to be on your target and to the point.
  • Never compare your screenplay to some other movie which is already released. And never try to criticize any individually. But u can recommend cast and crew like i am feeling that this director can do justice to my script etc.,
  • Always, remember do tell all the plots and sub plots of your story, just try to narrate only the key points in your story and make it interesting. Never drag your script.
  • Now while pitching the script don't tell about the actors or actress that u have in mind, let the other person feel the characters in your script.
  • Never make an hype about your screenplay or script.
  • Never try to bluff the other person, they can catch you very easily :)
As i told u before the purpose of pitching your screenplay is to make into money. Selling a screenplay is not that easy. Follow all the above things. Write a sound script and pitch it to a good producer. Hope you all likes the post. Let me know your opinions through comments.

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