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Pisces Rising – Monthly Astrological Forecast for February 2013

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


The following monthly forecast is only valid for those of you with Pisces as your rising sign, which is probably different from your Sun sign as it is dependent of the time of your birth rather than on the date of your birth. If you do know exactly or approximately when you were born, please click on the following link to find you Ascendant sign - FIND YOUR ASCENDANT SIGN

Pisces Rising – February 2013

During the month of February, the Sun is transiting through Aquarius, the sign that occupies your hidden 12th house, before crossing your ascendant and emerging into your 1st house of the self. For you, this is approaching the end of the solar cycle and subconsciously you will want to withdraw away for a while and you may find trusting others rather difficult. In the same way, you will prefer to keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself now. Venus is also going to be in the 12th, house so in a social sense you will be hiding away a little and not going out and enjoying yourself as you normally would. This is a time when you will be drawn to help others; your husband or wife or your partner may need you to make some sacrifices on their behalf and you will be in a selfless mood to accede to their wishes. Beware of not falling into the trap of aiding people to get some kind of reward in return, as firstly you will not receive one and secondly this can prove totally counter-productive and ultimately annoying to them in the process. Venus makes a lovely trine to Jupiter on the 7th, a wonderfully generous and charitable influence and one where you really can make a difference to someone in need. The new Moon on the 10th also arrives in your 12th house, urging you to step back from everything around you and to reflect what really is going on in your life.

Mercury and Mars by contrast will be moving through your first house allowing you to focus on yourself and express you own personal views to everyone around you. You will be portraying a slightly independent side now, so working with other people may prove quite problematic and you may find it more to your advantage if for now on projects and things you want to do, you go it alone. You will now feel far more self-assertive too and ready to take on the world, but be careful your actions and words don't upset those around you, as you are likely to be more selfish than normal. As a result, your personal relationships may well be put under some strain, as you will fail to see or accept your partner's points of view. Mercury turns tail on the 23rd and begins a retrograde period and this will be focused on the self. Are you happy with your appearance and how you look? Is the image you are portraying to the rest of the world the right one? Are you expressing yourself correctly? Look inside and more than likely you will find the answers sitting there to restoring some long-needed self-belief.

The movements of Jupiter and Saturn are very much highlighted in February 2013 as Jupiter changes direction and turns direct in Gemini and Saturn stations on 18th February in Scorpio before moving retrograde. Jupiter is in your 4th house of domestic affairs, the family and women including your mother so if you have been putting off any domestic plans or improvements, you can now start thinking about them. Benefits can be derived from property, land and real estate now. Help and assistance can and will come from family members or your mother now, and generally the atmosphere at home should be quite settled and happy. Saturn is passing through your 9th house of knowledge, learning, faith, the law, travel and international links, adjusting your beliefs and challenging you to look at life in a different manner. Maybe during this retrograde period you will encounter people of faith or knowledge who will inspire you or teach you valuable lessons? International travel that you are compelled to make may change your perspectives now or you might be offered the chance to go on a work or educational course. In some way Saturn will be urging you to learn new skills and to meet different types of people.

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As with all general forecasts, this can only be a rough guide to the movements of the planets and how they may affect you. Would you like this forecast made even more relevant for you?

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