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By Urhappybunnie @joaniebunnie
I've been wanting to get second ear piercings for quite a long time now and I've also considered getting a wrist tattoo but I now have a firm resolve that I wouldn't go through the latter. I'm a blood donor so I don't want to get a tat and not be able to donate blood in the future because some hospitals/Red Cross doesn't allow a person with a tattoo to donate. 
Anyway, I finally got down to business and had gotten my ears pierced a week ago. I had my ears pierced at Claire's since it was easily accessible and they have nice earring choices for their starter kit and at a good price too. Getting my ears pierced was a stress reliever. I got my cartilage pierced on my right ear and one on the lobe just above my first one on the left ear.
Pierced! I chose the stainless steel 4mm CZ; cross dangling earrings are from Forever21
Let me walk you through the procedure at Claire's before I tell you about my actual piercing experience. Claire's sales personnel are all trained in ear piercing. When you go in, ask them about their ear piercing and their starter kit since not all branches have it. They will ask you for an ID. If you're a minor, take a guardian with you to sign the consent forms. It basically states that you agree to get your ears pierced. :) Next, you choose your earring and then whoever does the piercing will don gloves, clean your ears and ready the instrument. Claire's uses a piercing gun with sterilized earring cartridges of  whatever choice of earrings you want, no it does not look scary at all. Oh, there's a $3 additional in your fee for cartilage piercing.
Every person has a different pain tolerance level. When the lady pierced my lobe I felt a slight discomfort that felt like someone pinched me hard. The feeling after a few seconds was gone and it didn't bother me. The cartilage piercing was slightly more painful than the lobe. On the scale of 1-10 probably a 2. Unlike the dissipation of pain on my lobe after a few seconds of being pierced, the pain on my pierced cartilage lasted a good 30 seconds or so and then there was numbness. After the piercing, the personnel will teach you how to clean and disinfect the piercing. It was really a bit hard to sleep on the sides for a good 3 days but as long as I don't touch both piercings it doesn't hurt a bit. The discomfort, even when I touched it, was completely gone after 5 days.
Care for the ear piercings and other reminders are given by the personnel who assisted you after the procedure. In their starter kit package not only do you get a nice pair of earrings of your choice and cleanly pierced ears but you also get a disinfectant solution for piercing care along with a 20% off coupon for your next Claire's purchase.
The lady who did my ears was very friendly  so I felt comfortable about the whole thing.  It was a really good experience and I'm quite happy with it.  Unlike tattoos that I might later regret in life, piercings are much easier to get rid of. I'm actually looking forward to getting my belly button pierced but I think I'll do it when I have a flatter tummy to boast. :))
Shout out to Alliyah of Claire's Newport Mall, NJ! Thanks!
Share with me you piercing experience!
Oh and before I forget, I'm joining this week's Blog Hop at BlogLoveTherapy! It's a great way of discovering blogs! ^^ Have fun!

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