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Pie Society: San Marcos’ Newest Addition

By Slowdownandsavor

If you’re a local or frequent San Marcos, then you, like many, may have noticed something stirring over the past few months in the shopping center on the corner of Sessom and N. LBJ.


Pie Society San marcos

Let me back up. Nearly a year ago, I would have called Zen’s Pizza (the pizza spot located in the middle of the strip mall at 700 N. LBJ, directly facing campus) the very best pizza in the 78666. Their New York style pies were pretty stupendous, and I wasn’t the only one who thought so. Several of my friends, family and a bunch of Yelpers agreed with a few major points: The pizza pies as a whole were crazy good. Just hands down, delicious. But people, including me, weren’t quite a fan of the slow service, disgruntled owner, and the “charming” atmosphere. By “charming” I mean dirty, drab, and kind of hole-in-the-wall-esque. But dang that food was special.


Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.41.12 PM

Nearly a year ago, Zen’s up and disappeared. Poof. Gone. I remember when I heard the news that Zen’s was no more; I was dumbfounded. What do you MEAN Zen’s is gone? That can’t be so! Their food was SO good! Yes. It was. But everything else suffered, and they ended up shutting their doors, and seemingly abandoned the place. Crazy. I was sad.

But then, one day as I was walking by the ex-restaurant, I peeked in to see that the space that was once home to Zen’s was at least twice the size as it had been. Holy cow! People were working on it! A renovation? A transformation? More pizza please? What was going on? I had to know! So I did some digging and made an amazing discovery.

The Katz brothers were at it again, transforming a lifeless space into something truly breath-taking: Pie Society.

pie society san marcos

Seth and Chase are the brothers who built the kolache empire out of a teeny-tiny storefront and called it Dos Gatos. They are the brothers who transformed an old 1930’s gas station into the city’s most exciting, relaxing and inviting bar, Zelick’s. And these are the brothers who were behind the rumblings in the strip mall at the old Zen’s. They took their vision for an amazing pizzeria and went to town, and Pie Society was born. Exciting to say the least, wouldn’t you say?


Pie Society San Marcos

So a few weeks ago, I headed over to the newly renovated and rejuvenated Pie Society to see if I could grab a sneak peek. Both Seth and Chase were in, and they were more than happy to show me around, with the understanding that I would keep the camera in the car and info I learned to myself. That was hard to do, but hey, promises are promises. They made a promise in return, that when they were ready, I could come back with my camera and get a quick Q&A too.


Pie Society San Marcos

And keep their promise, they did. Wahoo! I was more than excited to get back to Pie Society, and see the finished product. With one week until opening day, and only five days away from their soft opening, I was able to snap a few photos of truly amazing space, and get some time with Chase, talking about the concept, the design and the excitement surrounding all that is P.S.


Pie Society San Marcos

When I arrived, I was warmly greeted, and was re-shown around. Let me tell you, you will NEVER recognize this place. The Katz brothers are truly gifted when it comes to renovating, and giving life to someplace that otherwise would have just fallen by the wayside. This place is stunning.


Pie Society San Marcos

It’s modern, sleek, and clean, with a touch of rustic charm and a bit of industrial edge. It’s open. It’s exciting. It’s bold. Pie Society is just what San Marcos’ needs: Something fresh, vibrant, classic yet innovative. The kitchen is fully open, which helps you as a diner feel like you’re really part of it all.


Pie Society San Marcos

And that was the goal. Tremendous thought went into every single detail of this place, including the fact that there is minimal separation between the kitchen and dining space, the beautiful equipment in the kitchen, the family style seating, and the butcher’s block tables and counters.

Pie Society San Marcos

According to Chase, these butcher’s block counters and tables are made from the same butcher’s block they use in the kitchen to prep their baking at Dos Gatos. Very cool.


Pie Society San Marcos

But I have to say the most exciting part of Pie Society is locked away behind a secret door, giving an aire of mystery. The 1930’s style parlor room will blow your mind. I can’t say much about it now, but let me just say, it’s perfect. Complete with antique furniture and gorgeous wooden detailing, this place will quickly become the talk of the city, that’s for sure. It’ll only be open Thursday through Saturday nights, but that just makes it all the more fun.

Pie Society San Marcos

As for the food? You’ll have to stay tuned for another sneak peek coming atcha next week after I attend the soft opening! But from what I hear? Their New York style pies that will come only in large or by the slice are heaven-sent.

Pie Society will officially be open on June 11th at 11 a.m., so be sure to stop by, say hi, grab a slice and a drink from their fully stocked bar. Yay!



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