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Pick Your Pink Galaxy S3 Case Or Cover!

Posted on the 03 September 2012 by Anna Peterson


Modern smartphones cost a lot of money, so surely you wouldn’t want to see your shiny, new toy scratched? This is why it is important to get adequate protection for your new smartphone as soon as possible. There are so many options available – cases, covers, skins, bumpers… It depends only of you which one you are going to choose, and you should choose it according to your own style and preferences. In order to make this job a bit easier for you, we will introduce two most common types of protective Galaxy S3 accessories – a Galaxy S3 case and cover.

When it comes to cases, you can have a universal mobile case or a model specific case. One of such universal cases is Konkis Calors Quick Up Leather Case. Compatible not only with Galaxy S3, but with HTC One X and HTC Sensation XL, this case will provide full protection to your phone against daily wear and tear.

Konkis Galaxy S3 Case

Konkis Calors Leather Galaxy S3 Case

If you prefer a model specific Galaxy S3 case, where you could easily access all of your phones buttons, ports and touch-screen, then we recommend you a chic Commander Function Leather case for Galaxy S3. Get the highest protection for your Galaxy S III with this quality case from Commander!

Commander Function Leather case for Galaxy S3

Commander Function Galaxy S3 Case

Another option would be a Galaxy S3 cover. This is somewhat less reliable solution, but if you don’t expose your phone to harsh conditions, it will serve you just fine. Check out Polypropylene Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3! Protecting only the back of your phone, this cover adds almost no bulk to the device.

Pink Galaxy S3 Cover

Polypropylene Galaxy S3 Cover

Now, it is time to make up your mind! Find yourself a perfect case or cover for Galaxy S3 and protect your device in time!


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