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Personal Development: Kickstart Sunday

By Nuwave

Personal Development: Kickstart SundayThank You for Visting my website!

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Personal Development: Kickstart Sunday

Week 1 Journey
This Week’s Goal: Giving Up Something That is Holding You Back! 

Greetings my friends! How are you doing today? I’m doing great! Today is the beginning of hopefully a great series that real reach many lives. I want to share my personal account with you guys & also document this series daily on youtube. We’ll be following along with goal setting, motivating, teaching, training, nutrition & more. This series is going to be HUGE! If it doesn’t get huge it’ll be great to me regardless!

If you dont know what this project is, then you haven’t watched the video I made detailing it! So please watch that first before you continue reading!  YOUTUBE VIDEO

Now that your up to date on what this project is, today is the first official video of the series. We start on Sunday  with our week because Sunday is goal setting. Today we figured out a goal we wanted & for the next week we are going to do our best to make sure we give up something that is holding us back. Holding us back from working out, succeeding, or anything that needs to be gone from our lives! Today is the day you change & step forward! I know its scary… trust me I know. However if we can get through our week 1, we will be stronger & more confident in our lives! Come on the journey with me & lets change other people’s lives as well!

You’ll be needing P90X, Insanity or another type of beachbody program to keep you in check & make sure your getting those workouts in! Click the link below for which your interested!

  • P90X2(Sequel to P90X Xtreme Training)
  • P90X (Xtreme Home Workout Program!)
  • Insanity( 60 Day Intense Cardio & Conditioning)


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