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Perchance to Dream of Postcards

By Chp

contributed by Dr. Jodi Kearns & Dr. Hillary Nunn.

Did you know that the Institute for Human Science and Culture publishes a second blog for the Cummings Center? The IHSC blog showcases student writing and observations from the IHSC collections.

This semester, our Museums and Archives Studies students, again had the chance to spend some time in the David P. Campbell Postcard Collection.

Perchance to Dream of Postcards

The IHSC 4th Floor Library features the David P. Campbell Postcard Collection

The students wrote metadata for a set of postcards sorted into a binder labelled Dreams, adding to our growing digital repository and providing access to a collection that is otherwise available in-person only with limited hours.

Perchance to Dream of Postcards

The “Dreams” postcard binder is one of over one hundred subsets of the David P. Campbell Postcard Collection that were organized and categorized by the donor.

Have a look at the interesting things the students discovered in their postcards and metadata:

Is That Woman Dead?

Disney, Spanish, and a Postcard Addiction

The Universal Language

The Music Man in the Mail: the Story Behind the Art

The Divine at Work

Spirit Photography on a Postcard

You May Say I’m a Dreamer

Viewing the Past in Living Color

Postcard Adventure…and Believe Me, This Has Been an Adventure

Gone but Not Forgotten

Paul Fink, Berlin

Additionally, Dr. Amy Galloway of Appalachian State University reached out to us this past summer for service learning opportunities for her History of Psychology students. One student, Ballard Reynolds, wrote metadata for 90 of the Dreams postcards and wrote a blog about some observations: The Interpretation of Dreams Postcards.

We hope you enjoy, and we please bookmark the IHSC blog for future musings.

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